Girls; Will a girl be easy to beat?

A question for girls please...

I'm really into martial arts and have entered an organized mixed-gender kick-boxing competition where I'll competing against a girl... It's the first time I've competed in this sort of competition and the rules are that strikes (i.e. punches, kicks & knees) count anywhere and no protective gear can be worn (i.e. helmets or cups etc).

My girlfriend is coming to watch me and she's worried that the first thing a girl will target is a kick or knee to the balls as hard as she can...

So my questions to girls are... Against a guy and under these rules...

Would you go for the balls?...

Would you do it as hard as you could (or just enough to win)?...

Would you feel any guilt or concern if you did?...

And would you be less likely to do it if your opponents girlfriend was sat there watching?

I'm looking for girls opinions please... Thank you...

Oh, and from the viewpoint of an observer... How would you react if you were watching in the audience front-row and that happened to...

a) Your boyfriend, or

b) Another competitor... Someone you didn't know...?


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  • ok well I used to do kung fu and my dad is a martial artist so I know a little bit. if I were you I would keep my head up not down because the girl might fake it then catch you by surprise. everyone is different so you just have to anticipate her moves, read the body language and be one step ahead of her. it will definitely be an option because she can make you double over...

    and yes if a girl did go for the balls she would go as hard as possible.

    a girl wouldn't just right away go for it, no, but somewhere in the middle. not a regular kick because a knee kick is harder, stronger, a more for sure hit, but then again she might not risk being that close in range to you so...

    just be aware of it but don't focus on it

    good luck!:)

    • Well thanks for the reply... I'll certainly keep your suggestions in mind and let you know how it goes... :o)

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    • That's a good point what you make... That she could've used any other move (as if she was against another girl) other than kicking me in the balls as hard as she could! It's nice to know there's someone out there though who either wouldn't have kicked me there, or at least not as hard as they could and maybe felt something for me afterwards!... :o) It's a shame she didn't share your principals on it. Thanks again though... I appreciate your thoughts... :o)

    • "when opportunity presents itself, you take it. lol"

      Perfectly stated!

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  • I know very little about martial arts, but I think it's probably against the rules for anyone to just hit a guy in the balls. Assuming that,

    1. I would not go for the balls unless I was in real danger (so not in a competition, unless that was a part of the fighting style)

    2. Do what? Kick you in the nuts or fight generally? I've already covered the nuts part, but I would fight hard enough to win.

    3. Not if it was part of the fighting style. A big part of martial arts is (I think) about defense and protecting yourself, so if I manage to kick you in the balls you weren't being observant enough to block me in time. But like I said, if it's against the rules, I'm not going for that area.

    4. Your girlfriend wouldn't change things. If I was a good enough fighter to take down a guy in his 30s I wouldn't be bothered by his girlfriend!

    • Hi... Thanks for your reply. Yeah, in the competition a strike to the balls is allowed... So would that be something you'd aim to do straight away or as a last resort? Although you'd fight hard, would you kick to the balls as hard as you could and not feel guilty or concerned, even though you've put the guy in absolute agony? The girlfriend thing... I was wondering if a girl would be less likely to do that knowing his girlfriend would have to observe it being done to him?... lol Thanks again.

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    • Yeah, I know it was dumb... I just put so much effort into the competition I guess I lost concentration. I just cannot believe I was less than a minute away from winning the whole competition and lost to a girl kicking me in the balls as hard as she could, bearing in mind I was not allowed to wear a protective cup, and I know she did it as hard as she could because I got to glance at her for a split second as she was making her run up and I could see the anger and aggression on her face...

    • ... On impact of the kick I screamed in shock and almost felt myself lift off the floor, and I vaguely remember the whole audience go Oooh! as I crashed to the floor in absolute agony while she celebrated her win. I am OK now though, but I hope never to have to go through that agonising experience again! Thanks for all your replies to my post though... :o)

  • I've just read your question and your updates to others that have commented and it sounds like the girl really kicked you hard! Can I ask you though, if you knew that she was allowed to kick you there and you weren't allowed to wear any protection, why did you end up stood with your legs wide apart? lol Out of interest, what was her name and what did she look like?

    • In the very last round of the fight I was winning on points, but she got in a punch that dazed me slightly, which made me stagger back. In attempting to regain my balance I ended up stood with my legs wide apart & slightky bent at the knees. She quite literally ran up & kicked me as hard as she possibly could right in my balls! I screamed in shock & instantly fell to the floor rolling around & screaming in absolute agony for ages! Her name was Lisa, she was 19 and had long blond hair.

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    • Ok, thanks!

    • Don't worry man, girls can never win a fair fight against a guy. They either take years of martial arts and use it against a guy who hasn't fought at all throughout his life, they'll "win" (cuz he mostly won't hit back) and brag about it. Girls basically love to kick a dead horse, they're pretty spineless. Let's hope the bitch gets raped brutally.

  • yes



    and no cus who would want to embarrass a guy in front of his girl but then again if I haven't met you, I wouldn't know who your girlfriend was so yes

    a) I would feel sad for my boyfriend and treat him to something he might like

    b) someone I don't know? well yeah cus id feel bad for that person

    • Hi, thanks for your reply... I guess I'll look out for that move and let you know how it goes... :o)

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    • Well that's good to hear :o) And thanks for your replies to my post... It was useful to know (as I painfully found out!) whether a girl would be likely to win a competition in the way that she did, and as most of the audience watching were women, how a girl might feel seeing it happen to a guy right in front of them... So thanks again... :o)

    • lol anytime

  • how many times are you going to ask this question (or some similar variation?)


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  • DUDE! - What were you thinking? - You know that you do in fact have balls and you knew there was a very real possibility that one of your opponents could deliver is massive blow directly to your ball sack at any moment during the competition, which as you, me, and every other dude on earth knows, that when you get slammed in the balls, all you are able to do for the next several agonizing hours is collapse right at the moment your balls got hit and just lay there, utterly helpless and disarmed, moaning and moaning for hours while gripping your massively swollen ball sack which has swollen to AT-LEAST three or four times it's size!

    I don't know man, after getting caught off guard hundreds of times in middle school where the girls thought it was hilarious to suddenly run up to unsuspecting boys, like me at least a hundred or so times, and kick boys balls dead-on and as hard as they could, and while I was laying there on my back with both my hands gripping onto my swollen ball sack, I no longer take even the slightest risk when it comes to protecting my boy parts lol

  • so first off is there a rule against injuring the person (not tempory). that's just f*** up (u could die from that or go sterilile) especially that hard, injuring people isn't illegal in any american professional fighting as far as I know yet its not generally done. not that I would do kick boxing but I was doing some like ufc stuff and someone did that to me I would injure them, probably f*** thier knee up or break thier arm. assuming that I win of course, wich is most likely what would

  • The first thing they teach you in martial arts is how to protect your balls, I really wonder why you don't know this!

    • Umm, okay that's not true...I've been doing Tae Kwon Do, and we were never taught that specifically, just how to defend in general.

  • There is a game called "Cricket". I don't know if you follow it or not. The cricket ball is made of cork and leather. To prevent any injuries to balls, crickters use a small but very hard plastic cup. Get that cup.