When is a girl 'too easy'?

over the last few months I have been interested in several different guys, and every time i have been with one of them, it always ends up in the same situation. One thing leads to another and the guy usually insinuates for us to go 3rd, and if i say no, they would get annoyed and make me feel like i am being annoying. However, if i, after meeting him 2 or 3 times end up giving head, they make me feel like i am 'too easy', and even after showing keen interest, don't seem as interested after. it always gets around that i do anything, when in actual fact, i nearly always want to meet up with them more just to hang out, and not just do sexual stuff.

So my question is, when is 'too soon'? and am i doing something wrong? i hate feeling like 'that girl'
When is a girl 'too easy'?
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