I saw him looking at me. GUYS, your opinion???????

so long story short I liked this guy and told my friend who's friends with him

i wouldn't normally tell her to talk to him but he used to stare at me and I thought he was cute,i didn't know him.

i told her and she said he was super shy so that would be normal for him to not make the first move.

she went up to him and was like hey she likes you and yall should start talking

he's a senior I'm a junior ,

he basically said he was too old for me like his friend was at the table and was like you better get that! but he was like I'm 18 I can't be going out with people younger than me .

im 17 btw

so honestly to me it was cool. I wasn't sprung on him or anything , once I found that out I stopped being interested I mean I didn't really see the point.

so lately he still stares at me like ill see him in the corner of my eye checking me out

or like today I was at the table in the morning and when I looked up he was looking at me when he passed

and then later on today I was walking with my friend who's a guy and I saw him looking at me then too

does this mean anything, either way it really won't matter I just want to know what does this mean,

if anything?

he's single btw


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  • Your age difference is almost zero and is not important anyways. This is just a invalid excuse. Like you said, he is, "super shy".

    If he is smiling when he looks at you, that means he really like you.

    If you want to develop this, you will have to take the initiative and approach him and just sit and talk to him. Get to know him as a friend first. If you do this, you will endear yourself to him and he will start to open up on you. As he matures, his shyness will go away.

    If you need any other help, message me back.


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  • If he's shy chances are he won't do anything about it...

  • That sounds like he could still like you, perhaps even if he doesn't accept it consciously, on some level he may still like you. However, I think if he's said that he thinks you're too young then until he does or says something to show that he'd be okay with going out with you, you can run with what he said before, as that is something concrete.


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