What do you think of women wearing tiny, bra-like tops out in public?

Double standards... liking it or not, they do exist.

A man dressed "revealing" isn't considered a big deal. At most people will just say, "Hey man, could you um maybe just put on a shirt for now?"

But a woman dressed revealing... mmm... that's a WHOLE different story, lmao. Even if it's somewhere appropriate for her to be dressed revealing, like the beach or going for a run around their neighborhood on a hot day... she will receive all kind of labels. "Slut! Whore! Thot! Where's your modesty woman! Cheap! Attention-seeker!" And if she gets raped, she will most likely be blamed more than the person who raped her.

As such, I imagine this is the case with shirtless guys and girls in bra-like tops.

If you ask me, I say it's totally fine for women to wear bra-like tops, as long as it's somewhere appropriate.

For the beach, or going for a run around her condo, or on a night out with her friends... fine.

But for a formal meeting, work, or church? Not so appropriate.

The same applies to shirtless guys. Casual occasions, fine. Formal occasions, not fine.

I'm bisexual, and if you ask me, a girl's boobs, and a guy's muscular chest are equally attractive in every way. There's no good reason to allow one but prohibit the other.

Heck, I see no reason why women can't just be topless, besides what's become considered "normal." I don't see why a man's chest is fine to be bared, but a woman's not. They're equally sexually attractive to me.
Great. It's really no different than shirtless guys. They just gotta do it at the right time and place.
Really cheap. They're dressing like sluts, and disrespecting themselves.
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What do you think of women wearing tiny, bra-like tops out in public?
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