Are chubby tomboys really a huge turnoff?

I am a tomboy and I'm a little on the chubby side, I'm not gonna lie, and I don't think I look that bad..not completely fugly. granted I'm not the best but I don't think I'm the worst. so are chubby tomboys like myself really that much of a turnoff because I can't get a guy to look at me :(


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  • No they are not... so you're around a group of guys who ain't feeling ya... big deal... remember your best days are ahead of you... Plus, love comes when you least expect it... so many guys like a girl with a little meat on the bone- and lotsa guys like tomboys as well (I am dating one myself)... so be of good cheer.


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  • A lot of guys like a girl just the way they are, so if you don't wanna change yourself, then don't.

    But weight won't exactly stop them from looking at you or even thinking about you in any way, because every guy is different and they have their different opinions and looks on people. It doesn't hurt to maybe do your hair or add a little color to your appearance like lip gloss or a little eye shadow that suits your eyes and makes your eyes noticeable. If you don't like that stuff, all you can do is add some mascara to make your eyelashes more noticeable, unless you already wear makeup. But you don't need to do ANY of that if you don't want to, because a guy will come around when you least expect it, and will find you the most amazing thing in his eyes. So don't totally doubt yourself, your weight won't stop you from being seen as attractive.