Tell ex she is beautiful?

She's got a guy (relationship is going downhill), I still like her (been a few months since breakup), and I want to get back with her. She recently had some pictures taken and I saw some of them and she looks absolutely incredible in them. I want to tell her (via text) but would she think it's creepy? We've been a bit flirty again lately but nothing much that I can tell.

How should I tell her? Just simply "you look beautiful in those pictures"?


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  • the thing I live by, if you think it, say it. if you want to say it, do it. no matter if it is too much, or creepy or whatever, its how you feel, and that's it. You could just be like, I saw those pictures you just took, they look beautiful! how is that weird? just because you break up doesn't mean you have to never ever be nice ever again.

  • Let me say one thing about girls.

    Regardless of...

    -How you look

    -Who you are

    -How much money you have

    -What you are to her

    Girls LOVE being told that they're beautiful.

    Go for it! Definitely would boost her ego...

    • I agree. I love being told that I'm pretty, beautiful, gorgeous...etc. It's a definite ego booster.

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