My bikini looks awful!

It's summer where I live, so it's bikini season. I'm not overweight, but I can lose a few more pounds... However, I just feel like my body will never look good in a bikini. I have NOTHING to show off! My boobs are small... for some reason, humans think big boobs are better especially in bikinis. I don't have a really toned tummy to say "hey, my abs of steel are my strongest point". My waist is small though, especially compared to my hips which give me that nice, pronounced curve inwards at waist level. But definitely my weakest area is my lower body.

Most women with small boobs have awesome butts or legs. Well, I don't. My butt and thighs have cellulite, they're saggy, they look like an old lady's lower body. I have really strong, muscular legs, but they don't show under my stubborn cellulite. My butt is so ugly... I can't make up for my lack of T with my lousy A! And I have knock knees, which means I'll NEVER have great legs, not even if I lose all the stupid fat covering my thighs and butt.

I feel so much like skipping the beach or pool... I hate how I look in a bikini. If I get implants, do you think they will make up for my ugly legs/butt? Or do you think it's possible to get a great butt and legs, even if I have a ton of really stubborn fat and cellulite?

I really get depressed when I see other girls in their bikinis, they seem to have won the genetic lottery. I don't know... do guys notice these things too much? Do you think guys will be grossed out if they see me like that? I don't know what's worse, the small boobs or the ugly butt/legs combo... uggggghhhh how I hate my body, worst part is I didn't choose any of this! If I were obese, sure, then I wouldn't be able to complain, but I'm not!


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  • Not all humans think big boobs are better. I'm one of them. I truly honestly prefer small boobs and asses.

    The cellulite is kinda a turn off, and I doubt they really look like a old lady's body, unless your lying about your age. Try running.

    Don't get implants (in my opinion, they look good, but something in me despises that there not real.)

    I don't think there's anything to get depressed about, yeah guys will notice some. But there is someone that will accept your flaws as long as you accept his. Promise.

    I'm not a big fan of my body either, I don't think any person thinks there body is good. Because you know your flaws. I know all of my flaws, yet a lot of people think I have a great body, abs and such. But there are certain aspects I don't like. There's like fat behind my legs that jiggles. I'm unimpressed with the size of my penis. I also think it looks weird compared with peoples I see in p*rn. When I watch p*rn. I think my neck is abnormally long. Even though I have abs, I still have like.. a man-boob problem.. sorta.. I guess it's sorta not as much anymore.. lol idk.. but point being.. Stop worrying about it. Stop complaining. If you don' like it try to fix it. I used to be fat, and I've mostly fixed that problem. And when I say fat, I don't mean.. obese. I'm 6.2 I used to be 220 pounds or so.. I consider that over my bmi.. so fat. lol

    • You sure are picking at your flaws dude

    • Really? The weirdest penises I've seen have been those of p*rn guys. Especially long skinny ones which seem to bend at the tip. Icky... they look like they used one of those cheapo pumps.

      Never compare your penis to p*rn guys' especially because most girls don't watch much p*rn and the ones that do rarely do it to see penises... trust me, a penis is only functional. Men have other parts which are way more visually appealing than the penis.

      Unlike us with T&A, the sexiest parts of women...

    • for me.. your face, boobs and stomach are probably the sexiest parts. IMO.. I could care less for your ass, legs, arms, feet, hands.. and whatever else I'm missing.. basicly.. I like the torso of a girl.. and her head. haha.

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  • Trust me, you go on to a reasonably popular beach in a bikini, at least one guy there will give you a 2nd if not 3rd or 4th glance regardless of what you look like as long as you have confidence. If you go there saying to yourself 'I'm so ugly, I hope noones looking at me' people will sense you awkwardness and that'll have a larger effect on them than the size of your boobs or bum. And anyway not everyone likes size G breasts. If you don't believe me look at all the beach photos of small breasted celebs about (they wouldn't be published if no-one liked small boobs). If you really are worried about your legs/bum wear a sarong, though it's quite probable that they aren't actually as bad as you think they are.

    As I've said in a few other questions on this topic, chances are out of all the people there you will be the harshest critic of yourself and tbh most people won't even know you're there as they'll be too busy doing your own thing. The only people who do notice you are the people who want to notice you.

    If you want you could always get a couple of male friends to help you choose a bikini, at least that way you know somebody there thinks you look great :).

  • Forget about the boob size. Just start working out a little everyday. Lose a few pounds and the cellulite. You will look great!


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  • I'm hearing all of these conplaints and honestly in the whole scheme of things they are pretty minute. You're complaining about the condition of your legs and your boobs. You should be grateful that you have them.Some unfortunate women have had cancer and they don't have breasts all. My mother was hit by a car that broke both of her legs. She then had to have pins and rods inserted to set her legs. Along with that came multiple scars that never healed. They told my mom she would never walk again without assistance. My mom defied doctors opinions and she continues to WALK. My mom doesn't focus on the scars,she focuses on the fact that she still has her legs because that's what's important. Your self esteem is a large issue. There are much worse things that can be happening in your life trust me.

    • I know... sorry if I sound vain. It's just the media and shallow guys get to me. I know I'm healthy and that matters too... but it sucks hearing I'm unattractive and such, or seeing fake plastic bimbos get all the praise... stupid bimbos at that... yeah, all that gets to me, I can't help it :(

  • -30-60 minutes of cardio a day(running,jogging,speed walking,swimming[ironic huh?],dancing,jump roping etc)

    -Squats and lunges can be your best friend.Many women swear by them,they can help lift and tone the butt and tone the thighs/legs.

    -Not much you can do about cellulite,ALTHOUGH you could try um,"Fat Girl Slim" by Bliss(if you're familiar with them).You can buy it at ULTA(I always see it on sale) but supposedly it's really good because it has caffeine or try the Nivea one.

    Your abs of steel comment was hilarious for some reason although I'm sure it wasn't intended to be.Good joke.

    • Yeah it was kind meant to be funny. Thanks! :D

  • What size are you? I'm sure you aren't that big, probably no bigger than me or a lot of other people. I just found this question after I answered another. How did you go in the summer?

  • Im pretty sure no one is going to be grossed out by you in a bikini. It sounds like you do have a brilliant body - guys love curves in the bum/thigh area. You can get treatments to sort out the cellulite, just google it, but pleaaaase don't get implants! That's taking it way too far. I reckon bikinis look better on girls with smaller boobs anyway

  • So do something about it. Go running and work out. Get in shape. And then feel good when other chicks are envious of you.

    • Lol... yeah, but even at my thinnest/fittest, I've never eliminated the cellulite... my thighs and butt are definitely my problem areas... I've read that some people are just doomed to have cellulite no matter ho thin/fit they are...

      Small boobies + cellulite = NO envy from other girls.

      But yeah, if I get in shape, then at least I'll feel a bit more confident!

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    • Agreed! I'm going to work on that too. I'm so excited for a TIIIIIGHT body.

    • i have seen pics of kate moss and even she has cellulite! everyone has it just work on reducing its appearance x