Every time I look at him he is already looking at me. What should I do??

So there is this guy that I really like and every time I look at him he is already looking at me anyway this other guy that I don't like (he ask me out and I said no) keeps bothering the guy that I do like. In the morning they both stand by my locker and wait for me (idk why:)) and today They almost got in a fight because the guy that I do like started talking to me and the other ine got mad at him and it's just crazy and I'm sorry if you don't understand but if you do please help me!


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  • LOL, a guy got rejected and than gets in a fight with the first guy that talks to you. What a loser.


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  • The guy you don't like is jealous, he probably understand that you like the other one and is afraid he might like you back and if he do, he's the one who gets you. The guy you likes sounds like he is interested. Maybe you should let him (the guy you don't like ofc) know that you don't like him at all and that you won't like him at all if he continues being an asshole.

    If the guy you like doesn't make a move on you soon, be the one to make a move, if he doesn't he's scared that the other dude might start another fight worse than this one. Damn, I hope you understand what I mean, because I find my answer a little confusing. I hope this helped a little and good luck :)

    • Haha yess he is a asshole and I thought the same thing about what I wrote Thanx!:)

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