Are chokers sexy? Are guys turned on by them?

Are chokers sexy? Are guys turned on by them?
I ordered this choker online. Received it today. Took a photo wearing it and sent my boyfriend. He commented that it's 'sexy', and he further went on telling me that chokers are a turn on for many guys.

I seriously don't know so much. I just ordered it cause it's pretty. That's literally it. I'm a simple human being. I thought it was pretty, it would easily look good with many of my outfits, it would compliment the gold pendant I'm always wearing, and it's inexpensive. So why not.

But hey, guys get turned on my a lot of stuff so I kinda ain't surprised 🤷
Yes they are really sexy
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They look good but nothing extraordinary
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They are okay
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They are actually bad
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25 d
What makes choker sexy compared to other kinds of jewelry? I mean, I am personally just a jewelry lover and I have a ridiculous load of bangles, earrings, rings etc... So what makes choker different?
25 d
Can't believe it's 2019 and people believe in stupid stuff like choker has something to do with getting choked. Wtf no, it's just a fucking necklace that hugs the neck.
Are chokers sexy? Are guys turned on by them?
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