Girls, do you take into consideration your bra straps falling when choosing to wear sleeveless tops?

I noticed when interviewing people at my work for a job, that three different women showed up wearing sleeveless blouses, and all three of them had problems with their bra strap falling down, one of them it was pretty bad she was struggling to keep it on on her shoulder for even five minutes at a time, the other two they both had their bra strap fall whilst doing a data input assessment on the computer so were at least distracted making it more excusable, the first lady left it showing until she finished, the second one stopped, apologised, fixed it and then carried on. She also apologised again at end of interview and for this reason she got the job, as they all had good references and skills, the differential really was their appearance.

All the guys who I interviewed were dressed without any such mistakes, and I would have gave the job to two guys but I was told to give one of the positions to a female. Thats the only reason the lady I gave it to got away with it.

But it doesn't end there. After I told her she got the job, it was explained to her what is expected at work including the dress code, and I put special emphasis on no visible bra straps. Then on her first day she turns up in the same blouse, and the bra strap was falling down again. Except this time it wasn't me that noticed it, it was my own boss, who promptly ordered me to get it dealt with. So I had to have another word with her, the excuse given was she didn't adjust it right when getting dressed.

I left it at that and hopefully thats the end of the matter, but given it happened to all 3 women and my sister is the same, is it common place for women to just not care and do they think noone will notice?

Also why pair a bra with straps prone to falling down with a sleeveless shirt to work? I am wondering the thought process behind that thanks.
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Also I mentioned my sister who quite often will put on one of her sleeveless tops for both work and casual, and her bra underneath is not tidy, during the day her bra straps will fall down, which without sleeves show in full view until she pulls them back up again, this happens again and again. So she has the same problem, I asked her about it, but all she said was its normal for bra straps to fall down every now and then and didn't really give an opinion on wearing sleeveless.
Girls, do you take into consideration your bra straps falling when choosing to wear sleeveless tops?
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