He stares at me when I'm not looking then he ignores me...

OK I've never talked to this guy before and whenever I stare at this guy in school he NEVER looks at me back, he just ignores me.But whenever I don't look at him, he stares at me a lot in the halls and in the lunch. When he thinks I don't see him...

I just watched him stare once in the hall after lunch was done he looked back and I was standing in the hall waiting for my friend and I saw him staring with his friend.

In the mornings if I pass by his locker he is with his friends and he’s back is always pointing the locker and looks at me pass by...

Then at lunch, he always sits in his table and waits to get in line when there’s no many people and while he is waiting he "checks the line of how many people are left" but actually he does that to check someone, I can never catch his eyes... but sometimes I can feel he is actually looking at me. I mean he does the check line thing and then he looks somebody really quickly (I see all that without looking at him) I always change my sit to see where he looks at, if its different if I sit in a different place and actually it is different…if I'm in a place where he can't stare he gets really frustrated. I asked my friend about it and she says that he is always staring at someone but its hard to tell who because he doesn’t stares at one thing.

And the other day my friend and I where on line to get the lunch and his friend was in front of us and he was asking us a lot of questions, and he was saying we are cool (because we are exchange students) but I don’t know what to do… I think I like him but he is really shy, what should I do?


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  • he likes you and is curious about you.He ants to see your reaction hen you look at him and see hat you would do.Also he's afraid to talk to you because maybe the thought of rejection or he is nervous, but when you look at him of course he doesn't want to look back because he will think that he's being to creepy on you.Some time if you see him ask him hats his name and kind of talk to him a little.


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  • he likes you and is just shy.

  • Well, I sometimes do that. I want the girl to look at me, but when she does.. I try to ignore her, because I'm somewhat embarrassed lol


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