Girls shaving legs during winter? Am I asking for too much?

My girlfriend does not shave her legs during winter, and if I'm ever holding her and I happen to touch her legs, she'll silently and awkwardly remove my hand. We both know its embarrassing and unattractive, yet I've felt rough hair every time I see her. Would I be asking too much for her to shave her legs? I know its not a nice thing to say but it does kind of bother me. I see her on weekends because we both have school.

On a side note. She used to wear tight jeans and had decently maintained nails, but she stopped. She wears baggier jeans and her nail polish is always worn. These are small things and I don't need them but they'd also be nice. Should I ask her to take care of these things too?

I guess in a lot of ways she's cut down on how she presents herself. I feel like an asshole if I ask her because I do love her and I don't want to hurt her feelings, I just want her to take care of these things the way she used to. What's your take on things? Thanks!

Lol thanks for all the answers! I actually decided to talk to her about it and cautiously, yet kindly asked her if she was willing to do these things for me. And she said yes! So problem solved, but thank you very much.


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  • I think this happens to a lot a of people when they get comfortable in a relationship- they don't try as hard to impress the person, and definitely not to the extent of always looking their best like they did back in the beginning. To some degree, I think it's only natural and it's a good thing that the person you're with doesn't NEED you to be glamourous all the time. That being said, I can hear where you're coming from missing the little attentions she used to pay to her appearance. Personally, I do the things you mentioned (shave my legs, paint my nails, wear cute clothes) for me and sometimes I just really don't FEEL like it. I sort of go through phases- some weeks I'm really into doing my hair nice, painting my nails, and putting together great outfits and other weeks I'm perfectly content with my hair tossed in a ponytail, no nail polish, and comfy jeans and a hoodie. Those phases usually happen when I'm stressed or something is weighing on me- has something changed in your girlfriend's life recently? If not, maybe you guys have sort of hit a kind of rut where you don't really do the formal "date" thing anymore- you just get together, hang out (alone or with friends), but without any of the ceremony of going out to a nice dinner and a movie. It's easy to let go of the nice touches of appearance when the nice touches of dating have faded away to. I'm not saying you have to go out all the time (that'd be ridiculous and expensive!), but if you guys went out to a nice restaurant one night, I can almost guarantee she'll dress for the occassion. And, personally, if I have to do it once during a not-so-glam phase, it reminds me how good it makes me feel and I start to do it on a more regular basis. Maybe make it like a once a month kind of thing? And, like everyone else said, complimenting her when she does can only help.

    As for the shaving thing- I'll admit, I shave less in the winter because, having dark hair, it's a freaking pain in the ass to try to keep all visible hair from my legs all summer so winter is a nice break for me because no one sees my legs anyway. I drop down to once a week instead of 3 times a week and if I'm feeling lazy, I might let it go a week and a half. I don't know if I would appreciate my boyfriend asking me to shave- I get that you like smooth legs, but so do I and I'm not asking you to shave yours! It's a personal choice if/how often I shave and it might make me feel unattractive, as well as arouse the feminist in me who says I can be sexy with or without hair on my legs and I shouldn't have to conform to a certain picture. But I do get where you're coming from because my own hairy legs turn me off and I never go on a date without making sure they're smooth. It's a bit of a difficult situation, but maybe the compliments everyone else suggested might work?


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  • compliments always work similar to

    " I love how smooth your legs get in summer "

    " What happens to that color you wear on your nails looks hot "

    " those jeans make you look shapely and hot "

    SUGGEST SUGGEST SUGGEST ! If you don't want to hurt her feeling then avoid complaints.. Hide you intentions in well crafted compliments. I do it too my boyfriend and he picks up very quickly! lol I have never had to complain or insult him using this method. If this fails after several attempts you will have to just ask her to shave her legs, wear tighter jeans, and polish her nails..

  • we don't enjoy shaving so maybe your should shave your legs and see how it feels. then you would have a better understanding

    • That didn't answer the question. All the other ladies answered helpfully and with an open mind, maybe you should try it sometime.

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    • We don't enjoy hairy legs so maybe you you should grow a d**k and get a girlfriend that doesn't shave her legs and then you'd have a better understanding! :D

    • And many men don't shave their pubs! Do we like that no! So maybe you should go down on a guy that doesn't like to shave down there like many of y'all do and then tell me how you like it. Same f***ing difference

  • no shave November

    dont care dcecember

    jungle legs January

    f*** it February

    monstrous March

    lol...unless I'm going to have sex there is no way in hell I'm shaving regularly during the winter, ill shave everycouple of weeks to keep things from getting too out of hand, but if no one is going to see my legs why do they need to be hairless...if I'm planning on showing them off that's another story

  • not shaving your legs is just gross. man, I couldn't go a whole week let alone a while season without shaving my legs. I'm sure glad that problem was solved. man I can't imagine how hairy her legs was. it must of been like a guys legs. eww. hairy legs is for guys..not girls.

  • I used to shave my legs almost everyday but I got tired of it so I resorted to once a week during winter. In winter , am always wearing long clothes its not like anyone is going to see my legs so I just let them be. But in summer since its warm , I obviously do shave them since I usually wear more revealing clothes.

    About your girlfriend , talk to her in a nice way . don't make her feel bad about it.

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  • Gotta stay warm in the winter right?


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