Unspoken attraction?

Is it possible to have an unspoken attraction with somebody? For instance there is this one guy and for the last couple of years at work it seems like we have this going on.

- We will stare deeply into each others eyes.

- Sometimes gives me a coy smile

- Sometimes looks at me up and down and when I catch him he either puts head to floor or redirects his eyes to mine

- Has laughed at something I said and repeated it in a meeting (it was not funny)

- Has out of nowhere said goodnight to me or have a great weekend (remember we don't really talk)

- Just last week when I spoke up on a call to ask a question (not directed to him) he immediately made a silly comment to me

- Sometimes gets flushed in cheeks when I see him or hoovers nearby when I speak with other guys (like listening in to conversation)

- Will do a slide glance to me or looks up under his brow with piercing eyes into mine (when I'm talking with other guys) - Why does he do that?

So what's the deal? I feel a tension between us for no reason whatsoever! Is this unspoken mutual attraction? Or is this just his style?


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  • He could just be being friendly.

    You're not gonna know unless you ask him.


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