Good looking guys with ugly girls?

Not to offend anyone, but lately I have noticed an increasing number of good looking guys with incredibly fugly girls. I don't get it. Like me and a lot of my friends will be talking to guys and it will seem like they are interested and everything, then they end up going for the ugly girl. WTF is up with that? Like I said, not to sound bitchy or conceited, but I really don't get why you'd go for someone like that when there are good looking girls who are clearly interested. And I thought guys wanted good looking girls anyway...
Ya. Apparently my friends all say I come off as high maintenance by the way I look and dress. But I mean that's just looks not necessarily personality though..


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  • I'll be honest with you...

    I stop talking to very attractive girls for average looking girls fairly often. Its a shame that it has to be this way, because obviously I would rather my girl be the prettier one, but the average girls personality makes her actually more attractive than the physically pretty one.

    There are two personality types that cause pretty girls to lose guys.

    1) High Maintenance (HM)- No guy wants to date a girl who is high maintenance. These girls typically have been given everything they've ever wanted from their parents, and they expect the same treatment from guys they date.

    Here are some examples of things that happen on a date with a HM chick that I instantly know I won't ask her on another date.

    - When it comes time for the bill for whatever we're doing, the HM doesn't even offer to pay. She just stands there, like, "Umm so hurry up and pay already, what are you waiting for" That is the biggest turn off ever.

    Your normal chicks always reach for their pursue and offer to pay half, to which guys will gladly decline because we want to pay since this girl offered and appreciates it.

    - The second thing about HM - they are very concerned about Designer brands, and even brag about how much their pursue or watch cost. That is instant turn off. Think about what that conveys to a guy. It is saying, if we get together and things work out, I will be spending your money wastefully on materialistic things. No guy wants this.

    The biggest turn on, is a girl who is proud to be frugal and shop for good deals.

    2) The other end of the spectrum is People Pleasers - Other very pretty girls are very concerned what everyone thinks of them. And they become different people depending on whose around.

    They don't have an identity of their own, they just want to be whoever they think the person there with wants them to be. Huge turn off as well.

    Unfortunately average girls are just more down to earth, girl next door type, and they are easier to get along with, and easier to trust.

    I wish it wasn't this way, trust me. Because this literally just happened to me. Two dates in the past week. One girl was really pretty, but extremely materialistic and made me not attracted to her.

    The other girl is just barely cute, but her personality was so awesome, that I'm actually really attracted to her.

    I wish yall pretty girls could figure it out! Cause I promise we guys would much rather a down to earth pretty girl, than a down to earth average girl!

    • Thanks! I really like your answer! You havea a good point there! I always though I came across as pretty nice and everything and super friendly, but my friends and guys I've met tell me I am too sarcastic and come off as high maintenance. Which is funny because I don't shop at designer stores and I could care less about designer brands. But apparently it's because I always look perfect and my makeup is always perfeect. And apparently too like guys don't like a girl who expects the guy to do all the work.

    • Do you want a relationship? Do you agree that each person has an equal stake in a relationship? Is a relationship a compromise? If so, why would the guy do ALL the work, and why should a girl expect a guy to do so? If you are not happy to put in equal effort, then you are high maintenance. It's not just when it comes to the bill either. It's everything. If you take your man for granted he will move on to a better girl, even if you think she is fugly, she's still better.

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  • Ive seen that too a lot where I live and I can confirm it since I'm a guy. I think a lot of guys like being with average girls more in relationships and I'm 100% sure men are actually less superficial about looks then girls are. Sure we drool a lot over hot women but at the end all we want in a relationship is a girl we can say at least has some beauty and could make a great mother and wife

    • Bingo. Good character, good personality. A giver as well as a taker. Not some hot girl who thinks you should do everything for the honor of being with her.

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    • lol I'm not gay but damn get rid of that hair

    • At the end of the day after all the guy talk this is what matters the most

  • Well baby , too beautiful girls give me a lower self confidence because most of the time they don't look really aproachable and are kinda snobish :p . I sometimes hangout with kinda ugly girls.. but that doesn't mean there's anything serious between us we are just friends.

  • Not directing this at you, because you asked a legitimate question. So I'm not meaning it in a smarmy way. But maybe they're either getting tired of all the pretty girls acting like entitled bitches, or they are tired of all the games you have to play to get with them. These "ugly" girls become much more beautiful once a guy realizes that they are great people and are fun to be around.

    • I agree. It seems like a lot of the pretty girls today are f***ed in the head in some way. They're golddiggers, sluts, bitches etc. I know a lot more average looking girls that I get along with well than I do pretty ones.

    • Another thing is that the hot girls almost expect abuse because they're surrounding themselves with violent, macho guys. One hot girl I took out on a first date said that she really really liked me, and saw herself being happy with me but that I'm too nice to her and that she expects a guy to 'smack a bitch up once in a while'...

      They like drama and want to live out life like an mtv special

    • Cute/pretty girls (the one's people think are "average") are becoming the new desirable, hot girl.

  • As long as I find someone attractive that is enough. It's the personality that wins me over.

    It really doesn't matter if she's a 9/10 or a 5/10 in terms of looks. If we gel than all is good.

  • It's almost as if sex and dating are complex social interactions that cannot be reduced to one quality on either side. Imagine that. What a world we live in.

  • Sweetie, having a great personality is vital to many people. If you just have "looks" and not a personality, then no man would want to be with you. I know it's sucks but is life.

  • You hot girls aren't all that. That's why.

    • Is that supposed to be directed to me? lol Someone sounds bitter.

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    • Absolutely nothing.

  • It's immortalized in song. "Ugly girls can screw." -2 Live Crew

    "If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife"-Jimmy Soul

    But all kidding aside, I can see it that girls with substandard looks may not be so "stuck up" and therefore much more desirable.

    Now, *I* am ugly. Ick. But my wife is a total dazzler. I guess what she sees in me is that I love her unconditionally and that I'm kind to her.

    Kindness lasts forever. Some say looks can whither away. So what's more important?

    Apparently many people choose kindness.

    Are you jealous? Don't be. It's been said, guys are like buses. If you don't catch one there will be another along any moment. I believe that. There are a LOT of guys out there ripe for the picking.

    Also, I find ALL girls to be attractive. I have yet to meet one that isn't. But attitude. That can be ugly.

  • A lot of the time "good looking" girls put off an aura like they're doing a guy a favor by talking to them, which also is the case for a high maintenance persona. Where as "average" looking girls appear more genuine and "ugly" girls even appear grateful. Path of least resistance depending on how low the guy's standards are.


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  • maybe you and your friends' personalities just aren't appealing to those guys...

    • I don't think so. I'm a nice person, friendly, outgoing, sarcastic, although apparently I am said to be high maintenance. I always end up with the assholes though. lol

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    • exactly what did I 'proofs' to you, sweetheart?

    • No wonder you "bitch" and "complain" about never having a good-looking man. I am not surprised though. If I were you I would change the attitude and have some self-respect because so far your attitude isn't going to go anywhere. I can tell you that.

  • dont even worry girl that its your personality or something. I have been confused by this myself for so long. see you will usually hear of guys 'hooking up' with a hot girl.. but then they go into a relationship with an ugly one. personality does matter alot. but see unless you are incredibly conceited which I doubt you are think of it from this point. wouldn't you feel stressed if you had an incredibly hot boyfriend I mean like incredibly hot. personally I would be worried if he would go out without me or if other girls checked him out. same thing. guys go for the less hot girl because they think she's easier to get. trust me guys can be really insecure but they will never show it. so don't listen to anyone elses answer about you being conceited. just because your hot doesn't mean your high maintenance or cocky.. that's just dumb. its the guys problem. ugly girls are easier to keep, less stress and they feel they have a better chance with them. they are scared! - ps I've been dumped for that reason (he didn't tell me but he told my friend he actually told me a bullsh*t lie to cover up how he was scared)


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