Guys, does attraction fade away with time?

IS IT TRUE: With guys - attraction is like a switch. Either it is on or off. When you see her you are like damn she's hot I am attracted... then knowing her personality and all that just adds to it.

Mens attraction is mainly based on looks etc, which don't really change so even after a few months past with no contact you would still want to sleep with her.


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  • If that attraction is based on sex drive only, then of course it would disappear pretty soon - like about one-night stands.

    But if I'm interested to date her, put an effort to it and want her to become my girlfriend, then the attraction wouldn't weaken, in that case it even increases!

    • Update: It doesn't mean that looks are unimportant, they definitely ain't. Appearance is still the most important trait in any case, even in a real relationship - but that also takes something more than looks only.

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  • Only if it's based on looks. Looks are good to get him on the hook, but not to keep him there. After a while, the hottest girl will start to look average, and even the ugliest ones will start to look hot.

    The longest relationships are those based on personality, as it's something that doesn't change and doesn't get boring (unless you fake your personality).

    • Thanks! That makes sense. So even the ugly girls start to look hot when they have a great personality? But how do you get to know the ugly (the ugliest) girl when guys (especially the hot guys) don't even give them a chance?

  • sorry, I disagree. physical attraction may draw some guys to a girl, but personality is what makes a guy stick around. physical attraction may fade a little over time, but personaliyt attraction lol only gets stronger as you become more intimate with a person and learn more about them :)

    -Humble Christian 21

  • attraction does not fade away just because of time going by,

    it might get faded away if not properly cared, but girls normally do...

    ive been attracted and together with this girl for about 5yrs now...


  • Actually, attraction builds with time. Sure, the initial attraction gets me hooked, but just talking to her and getting to know her greatly increases my appreciation for her.

  • Well if you are attractive(pretty) I instantly like you but once I get to know you and you suck, then yea bye bye goes the attraction bus and I just see you as a normal person !

    • Is it possible that the ugly girl starts to like you when they have a great personality? And you start to see her as a hot girl?

    • Yes, it has happened to me before .

      I only see them as a friend, then something happens then bam- instant attraction !

  • Same with guys and girls. As long as the person is average looking, you can get hooked, but it's the personality that will reel you in

  • i had a girl once that I went out with a couple of times...she's oki looking but the more I knew about her personality the hotter she became...we ended up together for a whole year in love...true story

  • You will find a lot of guys want to see you in your underwear in in many poses (your not going to wear white snug panties and bend over for me normally) then we will get you to try things we like, or just want to try, then when we have done that, we start to imagine what your friend/sister looks like in her underwear...

    • this is true.

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    • Ohh, that's really interesting. I personally have never imagined that way about my guy friends when I am not attracted to them. Usually I am not attracted to my guy friends.

      So you imagine about every person (even when they are not attractive)?

    • Hmmmm, well, I might go to a certain level,but we all have our limits lol.

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