Why do girls look at some women and laugh? or give dirty looks?

I'm just wondering because I feel REALLY insecure. I don't like it when people constantly look at me or give me dirty looks because I honestly am not happy with how I look. I am constantly told I'm nuts and stupid and I am good looking and really pretty but my brain makes me think otherwise and I'm paranoid. but I don't know.

I'll be out with my boyfriend at a really public place with people of all ages and I will be standing with him and I'll notice a group of females giving me dirty looks and looking me up and down, when I notice them they'll group together and talk then look again at me. I've noticed this happening to other women to not only me. I'm just very observant. I don't dress overly revealing or anything bad...i just like to dress sexy/cute...or try at least. this usually only happens with females my age or younger but sometimes women a little older do it too. but it usually stops with women in their late 30's+ since they are mature and are pretty much over stupid stuff like glaring at other women and being mean.

so why do some girls do this? def. considering them girls because I wouldn't consider them women. it really does make me feel bad and paranoid, I'll feel really confident one minute and think I look REALLY nice then I'll see some young girls staring me down and giving me dirty looks and it's obvious it's toward me (even tho like I said I've noticed it happen to others) and I'll feel like a piece of crap and feel like a ugly insecure blob.


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  • because they are stupid


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  • Most dirty looks are nothing. They're really just average stoic faces that people interpret otherwise. Now, if you're being obnoxious, then you'll probably get real dirty looks, but if you're not doing anything, 9/10 looks are probably not intended to be dirty.


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