Boyfriend doesn't like short shorts, advice?

My boyfriend doesn't like me wearing short shorts in public. Or anything that shows off my body really haha. Is that weird?
I'm not really out there not caring. Haha. He just is like I wish you wouldn't wear those but I can't tell you what to do it's your body. Has I know it bothers him and I try not to but sometimes there's just no choice in my limited wardrobe. Haha. I love jeans and boots, but sometimes it's just too hot


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  • That does seem a bit odd. I understand his reasonings, but unless you completely agree with him, he shouldn't have any influence over your clothing choice. Maybe to be nice you could not wear them with him. If he starts to get angry when you continue to wear them, you've got to gtfo because it's the start of a whooole other beast you won't want to deal with


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  • If you have already have a boyfriend why do you need to show off your body?

    • It's not that m showing off my body. It's more like I hate shopping and buying clothes so all I have short wise are short shorts hahaha

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  • it's not weird :)

    i think he cares for you, being like that :)

    • Haha wana tell me if some other things are him caring? Haha

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    • Ooooooohhhh, goodluck with that! :D

    • Thanks. He's a sweetheart. Love him to death. Were Gina try and make it work. It's just Gonna be hard. Were really close. But I know slot of everything he does is because he cares

  • he doesn't want you to show off your body to everyone on the street. nothing weird about that


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