How to convince my mom to give me my makeup back?

OK about 8 months I got into huge trouble!

I was at the mall with my parents and I wanted a mascara I couldn't afford so I stole it (I know it was wrong and I regret doing it 100%) it was my first time ever stealing anything and I got caught!

i was taken to a small room where my mom had to pick me up and she slapped me in front of all the people there! she was very disappointed..she took away everything! my TV cell phone ipod makeup! everything..i apologized and have not gotten into any law trouble since..i even got some of my stuff back..but she hasn't given me my makeup back! and I look horrible without it..i start summer school in 2 days and I would like to be able to wear it..its been 8months since the incident..and I don't know I'm scared to ask her! any advice? please help!
The problem is I can't wear makeup either and when I put it on its hard for it to come off


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  • Well if you act mature about it and say that you learned your lesson and regret doing it and will never do it again then she may be open to giving you your makeup back. Don't just walk up to her and ask about the makeup, you need to butter her up a little. Ask her of she can forgive you and seem very apologetic. Finally after you two have an understanding of each other in the conversation, ask her if you could please have your makeup back. Timing is crucial, this is just like trying to persuade her to let you do anything else she's not sure about. You know your mom well so you know how to read her feelings and time your requests.

    And if that doesn't work, buy some and keep it at school. As long as your makeup isn't too expensive, I recommend urban decay for high quality stuff with great pigmentation that lasts forever. Buy their palettes, it is a great deal especially their black palette and their ammo palette. In middle school mom wouldn't let me wear black eyeliner or mascara (brown was ok) so I kept it in my locker so she couldn't find it in my backpack or something. I would put it on first thing when I got to school and then take it off with a wet paper towel before she came to pick me up. It worked out well for me an she never caught on. Or she just knew and didn't care enough. by the way how old are you? Jw and it could help me give a little better advice.

    • Im 16 and thnx so much for this advice <3 it really helps!

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    • Awesome! And thanks for best answer :)

    • your welcome thnx for answering :D

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  • How about just being glad you're going to school and not in juvie for shoplifting instead?

    You don't get any extra credit for not getting into "any law trouble," either. It's expected of you and everyone else.

    • I know I'm very lucky I'm not in juvie.but give me a break I made one mistake its my first time doing anything really bad..

  • buy new makeup


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  • For one I don't even see why you would risk stealing something as small as mascara. Just buy some more and don't tell her. Put it on at school, take it off before you come back home. and I'm sure you don't look that bad without it.


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