How to style your hair like Josh Holloway's (John Sawyer Ford - from Lost)?

Yellow ! I am in this bloody situation over here. I've just recently cut my hair from very long to just a little over the shoulders and now it looks dreadful ! It's pretty curly and I can't quite get the look I am looking for. I've cut my hair with the intention of looking something like Josh Halloway (if you would be so kind to google him as I can't put links into my post just yet) but it utterly failed ! If you can give me any advice on how I could make my hair look that good or at least a little better than it does now I would be indebted. Thank you in advance and please help a poor guy over here !


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  • Straightener indeed, but depending on how it was cut, it might not be possible.

    Also, it's James, not John


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  • Josh Holloway's hair is straight and your hair is curly so your going to have to buy a straighter and straighten it.


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