How can I accept my thin hair?

I'm a young woman as you can see and I have thin hair. I've always had thin hair. It's simply genetic, something I was born with, and not the product of an illness or hormonal deficit or whatever. It's always been like this and it will likely always be like this. My hair is quote long, only because I haven't cut it, it's at like waist level and and it's thin and fine, my ponytail's thickness is like that of a thumb. I know thin hair looks better in short styles but my face wouldn't look good and it's psychological or something but I wouldn't feel so femenine... plus I've told my male friends I may cut my hair short and they've all told me not to do it because women look better with long hair.

But I feel very self conscipous because I can practically do nothing with the little amount of hair I have. And it's embarrassing because you can see some scalp, you can simply tell I have thin hair. My hair is shiny and healthy and all, but still... and people say it's such a vain thing to be worried about, but they obviously don't get it because women are expected to have thick, full hair... and it's not acceptable to be bald, like it is for men.

I feel so embarrased, especially when people touch my hair or when my friends mess my hair up and stuff. And I feel so unfemenine because I can't do anything nice with my hair. I hate shampoo ads so much because they glorify having lots and lots of hair and I'm so far from it. I feel ashamed.

I don't know how to accept it. I wish people were more accepting of this. And I wish I could get transplants but I can't. I won't get extensions and such because it can make me lose hair. And sadly I'm not one of those women who once had thick hair and now they don't but they can get it back... I never had and never will have thick hair and, crap, hair is so related to femininity :(
How can I accept my thin hair?
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