A guy called me beautiful, amazing, perfect, funny, smart, and sweet, what does it mean?

Well what do you think? Because there's this guy who has told me all of that and stays up until 3 am talking to me when he has to be to work at 5 am. He told me loves talking to me and can't go a day without without talking to me even if its for 5 minutes. He said that'd I be the perfect girlfriend and that the guys who don't see that are just complete idiots. He also told me that if a guy were to ever hurt me that all I'd have to do is tell him and he'd kick there...butts. He said that I'm the only person he loves talking to and that I make him so happy he can't help but smile. Well what do you think? Answer the poll or answer. Please and thank you!
  • There's nothing behind what he says.
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  • He's trying to hint to me that he likes me more than a friend.
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  • He's just being nice to me, like a friend would do.
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thing is now he's back with his ex girlfriend..after they broke up for weeks...he says he loves her still even after she really hurt him.
he now offered to buy me a puppy...he said it'd be a nice gift from him to me...
turns out he really likes me and broke up with his girlfriend for me. :)


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  • ARE YOU SERIOUS?...?...?

    I don't know how much more of a clue you need? Like the only think he hasn't done is rode up on his f*cking white horse in shinning armour and climbed up your long ass hair to rescue you. Like I don't get how clueless women can be?

    Stay's up till 3 am TALKING...when he works at 5 am...?

    Then again, I guess if you do this all the time with your bffs then it's not a big deal. But this is a straight guy we're talking about here, right?!

    If you ask him to pop your pimples he'll do it with his teeth. Gross, but that's how head over heals he is over you and you don't recognize it?

    I think this poll is just a way for you to get your bravery up to ask him if he likes you or to ask him out or something, because I just read all you said about this guy and you can write movies or Harlequin novels on what he's been doing/saying to you.

    Anyhow, I'm not answering the poll because I'm too confused as to why the poll is even put up, sound like bragging to me.

    • LOL, great answer. Totally agree.

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    • Congrats! See?

    • Why you got inactive after you sent me your last reply.

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What Guys Said 3

  • Hahahahaha. Listen, he gets two hours sleep just so that he can talk to you. How do you not realize he's crazy about you? I was a situation like this too, and I did the same thing - only got 2 hours sleep almost every night so I could talk to her. To answer your question, "what does it mean?", it means he thinks you're beautiful, amazing, perfect, funny, smart, and sweet. What else could it mean? And yes he's crazy about you and he sounds like a great guy.

    • @Update: Wow that's really weird if he's staying up late talking to you while he's in a relationship with someone else... does his girlfriend know about you two?

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    • no he hasnt...not yet...he won't until he meets my family and they tell him its okay cause he's 18 and I'm 16.

    • Oh, okay. That's not too bad of an age difference. When is he gonna be able to meet your family?

  • He definitely likes you, I don't see him saying those kind of things if he didn't.

    • you think so?

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    • well what other signs would he send if he likes me more than a friend?

    • I really can't help you past that, I'm a shy guy so I do things differently probably, not sure how he would drop other signs, It's just from the way he talks to you seems like he wants to be more than friends in my opinion.

  • Let's look a little deeper. How generous is he with his comments to his other friends, particularly his male friends?

    • he said he doesn't tell many people that type of stuff. and male friends...they are his friends he works out with them and hangs with them...but if your asking if he's straight...he sure as hell is.

    • if he doesn't tell many people that stuff, I'm willing to bet he likes you

      it's really hard to mistake for something else at this point

What Girls Said 4

  • Go on dictionary.com to look up the following words: beautiful, amazing, perfect, funny, smart, and sweet.

  • It means he thinks you're beautiful, amazing, perfect, funny, smart, and sweet.

  • He likes you. Simple

    • even if he just broke up with his girlfriend 2 days ago?

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    • i do flirt...slightly I didn't want to overstep when he had a girlfriend. and I am myself...trust me. what type of move?

    • To make a move is kinda flirting so I think your good

  • He can't say "I like you" any more bluntly.


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