What kind of guys are Scene/Emo girls attracted to?

I love how scene/emo girls look but my question is are they only attracted to guys who are also scene/emo? Or do they like metalhead/punk looking guys as well as other style guys? I wear band shirts they are the only shirts I own and skinny jeans and skate shoes. I'm stretching my ears I have facial piercings and many tattoos are soon to come. I used to have really long thick curly red hair but I had to chop it off for a job interview. I now have a mohawk because it can be kept down to look professional but put up for a night out and I wanted to keep myself looking original and stand out in the crowd. I would classify myself as a metalhead and slightly punk because of the hawk piercings and such. Are scene girls attracted to guys like me or are they typically only attracted to other scene guys?


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  • i don't like to label myself as scene but I get called scene alot,

    nd I'm more attracted to metalhead guys than scene guys,

    scene guys are nott my type


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  • Gauges on a metalhead? POSEUR.

    • How exactly is stretching my ears poser?

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    • conduct.

      Now go join the rest of the mallcore ear gauge poseurs and leave the term "metalhead" alone.



    • I don't care if I'm a metalhead or not in your eyes or anyones. I was trying to describe my general appearance based on what metalheads look like where I live and that's what they look like. Perhaps Seattle is an entire city of posers? Or we might be the most mod friendly city in the US. We have tattoos piercings and stretched ears here.

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