What Do TEEN GUYS Think About Stretch Marks?

I'm a little nervous about them every time I go to the pool, and my new boyfriend is going there with me this time. I'm not FAT just a little chubby and I've been losing weight lately. My swimsuit covers them but sometimes the top half works its way up to my bellybutton. The marks themselves aren't too bad but they're not too unnoticeable either. There are a few around my belly and some on my hips and thighs.

He doesn't know about them and he's always saying that he thinks I'm beautiful but I don't know exactly where he stands on this.

Are they a turn off for guys?

Do guys think they're gross?

Or do they not usually care?

TEEN Guys only please.


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  • The biggest critic of your body is you. Everyone has things they don't like or worry about themselves. Trust me, he won't care if you have some stretch marks.


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  • To be honest quite a few guys will care, but those are the type of guys you don't necessarily want to be with as they are sometimes shallow. Personally they don't bother me, and can sometimes even be attractive, but it is preference. You should just tell him about them and see how he responds.

  • I don't really care,.


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