Anyone else think Kim Kardashian is ugly?

I don't see why girls think she is so pretty, I could walk across school and pick 20 girls in a minute that are twenty times hotter. Seriously girls need to learn what a hot girl is.
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+1 y
Her sisters I won't even say what I think of them... Blehhh
+1 y
@Evangelina this is a pretty hot girl but still no 10/10 link
+1 y
I would give Kim a 6 facewise and maybe 8 body. Her sisters wouldn't score above a 5 for anything.
+1 y
Ok guys who have answered and who are reading this question. Tell the girls in here that the girl in my link above is a good example of a hot girl. Not the hottest but still damn hot.
Anyone else think Kim Kardashian is ugly?
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