Guys, when you receive and give prolonged eye contact?

Do you assume the girl giving it, is interested in you? Do you only give it back if interested in her?

Prolonged eye contact=staring into her eyes for more than necessary and it only ending because she became distracted.

I had an interesting moment this weekend and I'm just wondering whether my thoughts and conclusions are correct.


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  • I only gaze into the eyes of guys I find attractive or interesting .i.e. Great personality and want to get to know more about him, unless its a conversation and then its just politeness, but the silent gaze across the room into his eyes and holding it- that's an attraction/interest of the romantic/sexual interest kind of gaze, I am assuming that its the same for guys. It suggests curiosity- which would only occur if there's some kind of interest/attraction.

    • Thanks for your answer! How would you interpret it if he was talking to everyone in a group but staring at you for most of the time while talking?

    • He likes what he see's, attracted. x

    • Thanks for your answer :D

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  • "Hmm, so when you have a staring contest, is it mainly with guys or do you do it with girls too?"

    Mostly with guys. Most girls are too embarrassed to keep looking.

    • Very true. Congrats on your determination to be the victor in the war :)

  • When I want to watch. I look longer. Means I like what I see very much. Don't know when I get such look. But I guess it's similar reasons.

    • Thanks for your answer! It's very helpful :)

  • Mostly I do it with girls I find attractive. But sometimes when someone is staring at me, I feel like they want a staring contest. Something I very rarely loose.

    • Hmm, so when you have a staring contest, is it mainly with guys or do you do it with girls too?

  • to be honest its the way you look at him...when staring at him make it look like you want him if its just a stare itll probably freak him out!

    • Hahaha, so deep breathing is a no then? J/k

      What if the girl was kind of looking at you with 'smiling' eyes? (I hope that makes sense but I was in a rally happy/good mood) Would you assume she's interested?

    • nt totally but he would probably get the message

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