Why do girls pull their skirts/dress down?

When going clubbing/partying and your wearing Short Clothing that shows Skin. But yet when it's going up girls tend to get embarrassed or so. Don't you wear it for attention and to have all eyes on you?


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  • 1. Why do girls pull their Skirts/Dress down?

    They pull it down because they were lying to themselves when they believed they could fit into it.

    2. Don't you wear it for attention and to have all eyes on you?

    A very very small few were clothes for male attention and they're way easy to spot.

    Just because an outfit because it gets a guy attention doesn't mean she wanted it. It's like going outside might mean getting approached but that doesn't mean you went outside to get approached.


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  • i buy clothing that fits me.

    some girls buy clothing that's too small or too short, so they need to pull it down to make sure everything's covered. sure, some girls wear stuff to garner attention... but that doesn't mean they want ALL of it to be out there in the open.

  • cause they ride up throughout the night


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