What small act of kindness were you once shown that you will never forget?

Just curious :) What small act of kindness were you once shown that you will never forget?


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  • One time I rode up to the city with my friend to meet up with someone, because she was on her way to class, and she dropped me off on the way. I met up with this guy, and we took the bus back down to a suburb of Portland. When we got off the bus, I had to pee really bad, so I stopped in at Subway. When I came back out, I was completely ditched. Dude took off, lol.

    To make matters worse, the bus that ran back down to my town where I'd come from, had quit running by then. The last bus was gone. So I was stranded outside this little strip mall, and my friend was in class for the next several hours. I didn't even have a phone at the time. So I was going in and out of this grocery store and using their phone to leave my friend voice mails, telling her what happened, and to pick me up on her way home. So in between calls, I was sitting on the sidewalk outside the store, smoking a hand-rolled cigarette [only had money for rollies]. After a while, this lady parks her car and comes to talk to me. I'd seen her go in and out of the store a little while back, and she told me that she couldn't stop thinking about seeing me sitting there looking hopeless, so she had to come back and talk to me. She was really sweet. She listened to my story and gave me a few bucks for bus fare, though it was useless because the only buses I could take would be ones taking me in the wrong direction. But she also gave me her number and told me to call her if I couldn't get ahold of my friend, and she'd make arrangements and do what she could to give me a ride back to the town I came from. Which is a 45 minute drive away if traffic is good.

    Eventually my friend came and all was well, but I still think back to this day and it makes me smile that there are still people out there with kind hearts, who care about others, even random strangers who are just down on their luck.

    • Wow that is a great story! I love people like that and wish there were more of them. But when that happens, it almost changes you in a way and then maybe you start to be more like that. But that was sweet of her to give you a few dollars.

    • Yeah, agreed. I always try to do nice things for people, but this lady made me tear up a little, and want to consciously do more.

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  • One time I got into a fight over a stupid misunderstanding with my dad (we fixed it afterward, no problems). Either way, I was so enraged, I left the house without bringing any money, ID, phone, nothing. I was about 12 years old.

    The first night I slept on a bench in the park. It was cold and I was hungry, but I had spare change which I used to buy some bread. The second night, I spent what was left in my money in a cybercafe, staying there over night. The third night, I was out of options, with no phone, no money, no ID, and no help. I was lurking around my school, when there was a kid who approached me. He was like that one kid whom everyone in school hates for no good reason, you know, the loner, nobody really likes him but sometimes people keep him around just because they don't want to tell him to go away. Anyway, I always looked down on him but that day he told me if I wanted I could sleep at his house for the night. Having no options, I had to agree.

    When we got to his house, I was overwhelmed with shame. His mom opened the door, and she was so nice, so SO nice, that I was embarrassed to be an unwelcome visitor. But she assured me it was okay, and she made me a bed in their tiny apartment, and gave me food. She didn't ask questions, she just treated me like I was her son. She even let me shower and she washed my clothes for me. I remember I was so ashamed because she even washed my underwear.

    Anyway, the day after that, I went to school with my now-friend, and then my parents were there. We talked it out, and we learned that the misunderstanding was the fault of my dad. We made up.

    Since that day, I have sworn never to be in such a shameful position ever again. If I had to choose between inconveniencing a nice, innocent person like that boy and his mom, and sleeping on the street, I'd rather sleep on the street. No hesitation.

    Real men can stand alone.

  • When I was little my neighbor lady would sometimes give me and my sister cookies and stuff.

  • I guess the best someone has done for me was when I hurt myself riding my bike when I was about 11 years old. I was riding my bike really fast and something flew between my spokes, I flipped over the bars and slid down the road. I got road rash all over my right side of my body and was bleeding all over the road. Some lady came out of her house and helped me up and drove me home.

    I guess I'm still waiting for someone to do something great for me. I've seen someone do a hit and run on a dog, I stopped to pick the dog up, put him in the car and took him to the vet and saved his life. The owner was very grateful and the dog survived. I've jumped in the middle of fights to keep people from being beaten severely. I've bought homeless people a meal on a cold night and been a friend. I've seen people walking on the side of the road when it started to rain and given them a ride so they didn't get wet. On and on... Maybe someday the favors will be returned. We'll see.

    • AAAAAAWwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! : )

    • Aww is right, well all of that is very sweet and you deserve something to happen to ya now after all of that! Til then, keep up the acts of kindness :)

  • When I was out of work my friend would share everything with me. I didn't ask but he didn't bother him, he knew I'd do the same. He'd buy me drinks, weed for us both, pay my way on things I couldn't. I owe this person alot, he's a diamond amongst dirt in most respects (can p*ss you off when he puts his mind to it :p but nobody's perfect ey?)


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  • I received a birthday check for a hundred dollars from my grandmother. I had the check in my purse and I was planning on putting it in the bank after eating lunch with my mom. It was a very windy day, and sometime during the evening, the check must have fallen/flew out of my purse. I was very upset that I had lost that money.

    When I got home later on, I found a message on my phone. It was from a local businessman who said that he had seen a piece of paper blowing around in the wind and had picked it up. He saw what it was and who it was from, and he looked up my grandmother's information to find her phone number. He then called her to tell her what he found, and she gave him my name and telephone number. He called me and left the message, asking how he would be able to return my check to me.

    I called him back and was so unbelievably grateful that this kind gentleman would go to all that trouble just to return my birthday money to me. He was extremely nice and friendly. He said that he could ride his bike down to my house and leave the check in the mailbox, as he thought it would be unsafe for a young girl like myself to meet a stranger alone. He spoke to my parents on the phone and made sure that they were there when he arrived for my safety.

    I left him a note in the mailbox thanking him a hundred times over. He came by sometime during the day, and unfortunately I didn't see him drop off the check. I will ALWAYS remember the kindness of this man, who went completely out of his way to return my lost item. He asked for nothing in return and was such a kind, decent person. Since then, I feel I better understand how small acts of kindness can affect others in a really big way. I strive each day to face the world with the same positive outlook and compassion that this complete stranger showed to me. :)

    • That's beautiful dude. =D

    • Wow that is a really good story! And how sweet of that man! He went well over what anyone would have done :)

  • There are lot! : ) And I never forget any one! : )

  • my car ran out of battery once and w hile I was waiting for help to arrive, so many asked came up and asked if they could help out. I really appreciated that

    • That is always nice when people stop to ask if ya need help. I know I would be totally panicking!

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