Can someone from Australia please help me out? I wan a know about products?

Hello sweet person.
Thanks for paying attention here.
I actually belong from another country. Someone from Australia is coming here so I m asking him to bring me some products which I can never find authentic here.
The person I m asking he is new there plus he is a male so I don't know if he will find right place to get all these. I'll mention down all the products I want. Can you please help me out and tell me where they all will be available in Australia so I can just guide him. Maybe a single store or even if more places guide me.
If you mention prices too I'll be more than grateful cuz I have to pay him. I am scared for it to get out of my budget.

1-CeraVe hydrating cleanser 273 ml...
2-CeraVe resurfacing 0.3% retinol serum 30 ml...
3-centella even tone ampoule serum 30ml...
4-ordinary L ascorbic acid 8% + alpha arbutin 2%
5-ordinary nicinamide 10% + zinc
6-ordinary glycolic acid 7% toning solution 240ml...
7-ordinary aha bha peeling solution
8-snail mucin by cosrx 100ml
9-CeraVe moisturizing 350g cream...
10-Millie rosemary oil
11-ogx damage remedy+ coconut miracle oil penetrating oil
12-ogx renewing+ argon oil of Morocco
13. loreal ever pure moisture shampoo
14-loreal ever pure moisture conditioner
15- bragg apple cider vinegar

These are the oils I want I m not really sure which company will be cheap and good for them in Australia. Can u suggest me?
16-jojoba oil 100ml for hair
17-rosehip oil 30ml
18-Tea tree 10ml for skin and hair
19-rosemary dried leaves 200g

Next I m not really sure how expensive it will be there..
22- Manuka honey 250g (can u tell me price of it?) or if it's too expensive can you tell me how much raw pure honey 250g costs there and the name of good brand.
I checked chemist warehouse only CeraVe ones are available. please help me out tell me where he should go to find All these things 🥺. Make sure it's a physical store of Authentic imported products..
2 mo
He is in perth Australia. I just asked him.
Can someone from Australia please help me out? I wan a know about products?
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