Why is it fine for women to dress inappropriately these days and be totally OK with it?

You know what I am talking about, women dressing up like some not very famous career (read between the lines) and be OK with it, just for the sake of attention cough cough daddy issues. Then wonder why men objectify them, look them inappropiately, do not respect them and call them certain names...Have women gone down that much?

Yesterday I was in downtown and I was surprised how innapropiate women were dressing...i was with my very pretty friend and she agreed with me too.

Soon enough we will see women dressing up in bras and panties.
I would like to close this question with this: It's too bad that SOME women don't know the difference between trashy and classy, or they don't know any better that people judge them based on their looks, even if its right or wrong...its in human nature to judge others wheter people admit it or not, therefore you are what you show to other people, if people misintepreted its not their faulr, its YOUR fault for giving wrong impressions. Also it goes to show that promiscuity its acceptable. So sad


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  • Women dress provocatively in order to provoke a sexual response in men and to intimidate other women.

    There's nothing wrong with this situation. It's the biological dialectic that perpetuates our species.Many reasons why women dress provocatively. Insecurity can be a cause. Pride in a physique that they worked hard to attain can be another. Maybe it's because it's fashionable. Maybe it's because she's a bit of a ho. It could be a means of getting something - manipulating a man into buying her a drink or meal, or a way to try and get ahead with her job. Generally, no matter what the other reasons for dressing that way, it's for attention... nobody wears a miniskirt and a halter top and spike heels because it's so comfortable. Clothes that are a little more conservative are generally more comfortable and practical than stuff that's revealing and tight. Yes, even in hot weather! A loose, floaty skirt that shades your legs from the sun and doesn't cling, and keeps your legs from sticking to whatever you sit on, is way more comfy than short, tight shorts.


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  • Why shouldn't women be free to dress the way they wanted to?

    And why do men feel entitled to disrespect and objectify women because of the way they dress?

    • I objectify men and women equally thank you very much! :-P

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    • Simply put, If someone wears something that draws attention away from the face, the person is no longer talking to them. They are talking to where their attention is focused.

    • We do not objectify women. Women however dress like giant pieces of meat. Horny, oversexed meat.

  • it isn't respectable behavior. it is, however, their bodies.

    freedom of fashion, or lack thereof.

    if it bothers you so much, walk through the streets blindfolded.

    • tsk tsk its not a freedom as you see it, think deeper, it is actually a degradation of society and morals...I supposed from your comment you are one of those that like to "dress up for the night".

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    • you keep avoiding the answer but I know you don't dress like that because you don't want guys looking at you like a tramp, you know you think the same thing too "i don't feel comfortable putting my body on full display."

    • I could care less what the f*** you think.

  • The only people who complain about women dressing provocatively are girls and guys on the Internet.

    1) Because most guys on the internet, especially the ones on GaG are bitter & angry at females and believe females always deserve the worst and that males can do no wrong. Such as those attempting to justify rape and blaming it on the way the females dress(cough cough) rather than a sick minded individual

    2) Because most girls on the interweb are insecure and HATE how some women are so confident or secure with themselves to dress provocatively and that they actually receive attention for it.

    I dress pretty modest & conservatively, but you should really get over your obsession with calling women sluts and the way women dress nowadays.

    You're so full of anger & hate

    • I am not anger and hate, I am just saying how it is man...you want guys to treat you properly? Do you want people to judge as being classy and inteligent and not trashy and as a bimbo? Do you not want people to take seriously? Do you not want unwanted attention? Then don't dress up like that!

      A lot of women are very hipocritical because they want the attention, but they want the right attention...hey guess what that won't happen!

    • You've made so many posts like this that you saying you aren't angry or hateful is hilarious bro.

    • He's not HATEFUL, dislike and hate are very different feelings. HAPPYNESSS RULES!

  • you either were raised up in a so opressed society or you wanna act like the tipical brainless macho... your question is too sexist! why do you have to call a women names or judge her just because its her style of dressing? we are free to dress however we want! this means we are bitches? seriously? hahaha...

    • hey you are the image you are trying to portray as simple as that...and if you think humans do not judge other people on appearances think again...and if you think its OK dressing up like just for the sake of attention then I am telling you I am very surprised...

    • dude, go and get some therapy, lock yourself in a sanatory, drain your anger, BE USEFUL TO THE WORLD instead of talking stupid stuff about women here in net! I just picture yourself like a really ugly nerd who has been dumped seeeeeeeeeveral times by sexy nice looking women! poor you... I have pitty on you :(

      GET A LIFE!

    • LOL I am glad that it pissed you off, your answer says a lot, I have nothing else to say. And who I date or not is not of your business though, but if you must know right now I am not dating a bimbo, I am dating a girl who was self-respect...So what are you going to do now report my question?

  • While it may be inappropriate to dress a certain way. I certainly do not look down on these girls.

    They should be able to wear what they want and be comfortable doing so. Without being called names or anything else for that matter.

    I don't know if you've actually seen how a street walker dresses but it's way different then a girl that just likes to show some skin. Girls that have daddy issues should also be respected. It's not there fault there dad is a low-life.

    Street walkers are in that profession mustly due to circumstances not because they wanted to be that when they grow up.

    Sorry but I really feel bad for these girls. It's not there fault, let's have some compassion for them.

    • lol "let's have compassion for them" I do I really do, trust me...i guess everybody should be respected right? I however have a problem with that issue, because society now days is picky of what is to be respected or not...I mean why shouldn't communists be respected, or trannies and etc? My point is that its that I wouldn't use that word of respect because it's really relative...what is appropiate or not is culturally oriented. My issue is that I am seeing a degradation of society.

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    • That's correct you never mentioned rape. What you did say was. At the same time they do not want "men to do anything inappropriate to them". If a man does anything inappropriate depending on what it is it can be considered sexual assault. It doesn't have to be rape. I just feel that girls/women should be able to wear what they want, within what's exceptable. Hopefully they won't start wearing thongs as THE outfit, lmbo. I think I'm going to wear my bra and panties to work tommorow.

    • Innaproiate can go from nothing illegal like getting looked up and down, getting called names, getting hopped from behind, to being disrespected, that is what I meant as inappropiate. You say what is acceptable...acceptable died a long time ago and I am talking about 100 years, I am talking about just 20 years ago. Fashion now days is a disgrace, no class, just a bunch of women selling their bodies for drinks, looks and compliments...

  • WHY You MAD THO?

    Like, seriously though. How does it affect you?

    • Ugh, GAG correcting my intentionally incorrect spelling. That was supposed to be an uppercase letter "u", my comment doesn't have the same effect now. :(

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    • I am not mad, its just an opinion

    • it won't affect me, but it will affect the future of my children and yours too...you are probably too young for kids, but when you have your teenage kids, are you just going to let her dress up any way she wants it?

  • LOL...i never understood the issues of being nude...weren't we all born that way...clothing is needed in really cold weather... in some culture woman are always naked...so are the men...

    Anyway...let me try to think like you are trying to...

    I feel that some women wear slutty clothing to gain attention...from anyone...it boost up thier self esteem...and makes them feel like they are the shiz. Some do it because they want to follow the crowd of runway models...and end up looking "slut" like. They are so many reasons why girls could wear what they wear...so it isn't a big worry...your opinion my say SLUT...Her opinion might say CUTE OUTFIT...so it depends...Opinions may Vary.

    As for the attention whore...they say they don't want it...but they know they need to...they feed off compliments to survive.

    • Well I guess you are right about the nude thing...but being nude creates innapropiate behavior s wheter you think about it or not... if some women think dressing up like that is cute then wooaaoohhh...

  • Girls who dress like that probably don't mind all the attention it gets whether its good or bad. People should be allowed to wear whatever they want, and others are free to judge them on it-- but its important to recognize that its a choice and should be respected as one, even when you don't respect the result of the choice.

    • ohhhh I am sure they do mind truuuust me...its all about he mentality "look but don't touch".

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    • for what? just for attention? see my point?

    • yeah, why not :P

  • I agree some women today dress like super scary prostitutes >.<I have no idea why that's regarded as normal and fine nowadays though :x weird hmm? :S

  • Maybe you were in the "come buy a hooker" part of town

  • it's been that way for a while now...

  • why is it not OK for a girl to wear what they want? yet it's OK for guys to say whatever the hell they want?

    • when did I say it was OK for guys to say whatever they like? I never said, that however wont' stop for objectifying you? Don't you get it?

    • Man, you are dumb. Like drooling unintentionally and uncontrollably over your thighs and chest dumb.

  • what do you want them to wear a burqa then? a turtle neck with gloves and overalls so that you don't have to put a strain on your poor eyes to look at them sexually? awww you poor baby. should we dress like bums and look ugly as possible so men like you shouldn't look at us inappropriately? why can we just enjoy the warm weather and sunny skies and wear what we want to our comfort. last time I checked I dress for me and no one else. women run the fashion industry and you will never understand fashion and beauty. you're too vain and think every woman out there dresses for you. get over yourself.

    • i think he struck a nerve with you. you just went on a RANT. and you can be sexy without showing much skin. he never said women should wear burqas and turtlenecks..

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    • lmao you totally kissed the floor the QA walks on. bravo!

    • Maybe not dress like prostitutes. Is it okay to draw the line there or is it too hard to contain your urges.

  • TOTALLY understand you.

    Some just look gross

    EX: Teens/women walking around with their g string showing or all their stomach hanging out.

    What did you get dressed in the dark. I mean come on put on some clothes.

    I almost threw up my lunch on day ( not joking)

  • I agree it's cheap and lame ... but really, why do guys get so mad when women provoke a sexual response from them? You're kinda saying "girls dress like sluts, so they deserve what they get."

    • its degradating can you see? I mean you are treated on the image that you give to yourself. If you are somebody who likes to get drunk and dress the way I am talking about...what respect do you expect to have from people? Think Snookie from Jersey Shore for example.

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    • That has nothing to with anger. Thinking a girl is trampy is legit, getting all pissed off it a bit too far. What's with guys getting so mad when their weiner gets hard ... I get sick of that on this site. "WAH, women make my d*** hard and then won't play with it."

    • I don't know why don't you ask that question? I am not sure how you answer has anything to do with my question.

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  • Disclaimer: this is just my opinion from what I've experienced and, in general, a generalization not meant to paint all women with the same brush.

    although women claim to dress up that way to look 'classy' and 'sophisticated' and a whole slew of other reasons, they pretty much do it for one reason: to get attention from other guys and girls. why do they want this attention? to boost their self-esteem. they want to be the most desirable and sexiest women in the bar or on the street so that they can be re-assured that they won't end up alone. as men are mostly visual beings, looks are viewed as being paramount. thus, women will reach for the most revealing clothing they can find - whatever shows the most leg and cleavage - to try to beat out other women for the male attention. of course women will unfailingly deny this (you just have to look at the defensive responses from women below as proof), but, let's face it, when it's spelled out for someone logically, it seems a little silly, so can we blame them for being defensive?

    To be fair though, guys show a similar form of behavior (ie. short-sleeve shirts that are 2 sizes too small and cost more than a shirt should in order to show off muscles that were probably gained from steroids).

    However, there are a majority of girls who don't wear such revealing clothing, so such a generalization may not necessarily apply. In the end, I think it's a natural female behavior to display what they have for males in hopes of landing the best available male out there. society and the media has just given them another vehicle to meet that end through fashion (a very scantily clad vehicle indeed). In summation (yes, I said summation), my advice: don't hate the player, hate the game...and enjoy the scenery...cause they're doing it for you man. at least that's my take...let the flaming begin...

    • I know what you are saying, but I think that is pretty sad...hunting for attention by dressing up like trash? Really pathetic. I am not going to say I don't like it, but I find that sad. Great answer though.

  • Why are you a virgin? Oh, because you judge and objectify women. You sound like a mad, angry nerd that can't get the hot girl. Or in your case, any girl. Go take your anger some place else and let these women enjoy wearing awesome clothes. I love my skirts short!

    Oh and your very pretty friend thinks you're gay

  • I don't mind if cute girls will start wearing bras and panties only. Seriously.

    "Then wonder why men objectify them, look them inappropiately, do not respect them and call them certain names".

    Don't tell me you expected that female logic is able to figure this extremely hard thing out.

  • They don't mind if they are seen as an object. They just want to be deemed "sexy"

  • Why isn't it?

  • Indeed, it's really sad. just do a comparison with 10 years ago.

  • I agree. And when a guy dresses inappropriately he is called a douche -.- I love dressing like a douche bad!


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