Is lingering eye contact OK if you are in a relationship?

Is it okay to give repeated lingering eye contact to a girl if you are in a relationship?


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  • If he's just looking not starring then it's harmless. However if he's staring all the time and giving her lingering looks its inappropriate. If your out and you see a guy/girl you think is attractive, your gonna look. Its human nature. But when you do it to the same person all the time. It's wrong

    There's a guy at work that did this to me for a long time. He would stare, use lots of eye contact, etc.. When I realized he was married. I started to ignore him and he finally stopped.

    He may not have meant anything by it, but to me it was very misleading and not something that a person in a relationship should be doing.


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  • it is totally okay, you're just looking, you can't help what grabs your attentiion, if a guy with balls hanging out one foot out of his overalls, you would get a woman boner too.


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  • If you are asking about it, does that mean you are slightly interested? Cos if I wasn't interested in the guy I wouldn't be asking if its OK. Sure there's nothing wrong with looking, more wrong would be acting on the intent I think if either of you are in a relationship.

    • Yeah I'm the girl in the relationship. So yeah I'm very interested.

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    • No, I'm the girlfriend. I don't think it's kosher from his to be looking at the same girl at work. Heard through the grapevine he keeps making lingering eye contact with her.

    • ah ic I misunderstood. I don't think there's anything wrong with looking though since its hearsay, I wouldn't want to be overly suspicious, unless there are other red flags in the relationship.

  • It kinda depends on what your thinking when you make the eye contact?

    • So if a guy that is in a relationship with another girl is it OK for him to keep looking at the same girl in her eyes over and over and over again? What else could it mean besides "I want you"...? I don't think there is another meaning.

    • No. you are correct.. I think that if they have eye contact for to long there has to be something there? Or something is already going on.

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