Having naturally dark eyelids? Good or not?

Hi, I am pale but I have naturally dark eyelids. My eyes are very big and a bit deep set which means they have a lot of natural definition. When I scrub off all my makeup, my eyelids have a naturally brownish copperish earthy tone to them. It looks like a natural eyeshadow. In fact, people always think I am wearing eyeshadow on my lids because of it.

Do you think this is attractive, or not?

I do have dark circles under my eyes, which I always use concealer on, but I tended to put the concealer around my entire eye. But, should I just put it on the bottom? If I have naturally shadowy eyes already, maybe it looks nicer to leave them unshadowed and let them look defined?

If I am wearing heavy eyeliner I do need light shadow as a base, but what about if I'm only wearing more natural liner and mascara?

Would you leave it, or cover it?

Anyone else have naturally dark eyelids?

Is concealer even good for the top of the lids? I notice that it is a good base for shadow, but it also is thick so if I put it on my lids it is a lot harder to draw my eyeliner on..N

That is not my eye but it is the closest I could find to a representation.


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  • that's really cool. I wish I had eyes like that.but I have almost the opposite thing. My eye lashes at the bottome are thick, it makes me look like I have natural eye liner lol.

    • I wish I had lashes like that!

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  • I have the same thing and it's not really attractive but it's not a big deal. Most people don't notice much anyway, but I always cover mine unless I'm not wearing makeup

  • I don't think it's either attractive or unattractive. It just is, haha. It certainly saves you the trouble of using eyeshadow, and the whole process of cleaning it off before bed. :P

  • hard to tell without a picture. but it doesn't sound like a problem


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