I'm so disappointed and frustrated with men. I'm thinking of cutting my hair off so that I won't attract them

Now of course there are some guys out there who are mature and don't care if a girl has short hair. As well as guys out there who actually really like and may prefer a short haircut on a girl because they think it shows off her facial features more. Also because they know that a lot of girls hide behind their hair and use it to make them feel falsely confident. They wouldn't know what to do with their lives if they didn't have long, flowing hair. So I've heard that some guys find the confidence of a woman who can walk around with short hair and a head held high very attractive.

Long story short - I am disappointed and frustrated with men. I'm so tired of all the annoyance, drama, and pain they seem to come with. The "false advertising" is really irritating because I start to like someone who's not all he claimed to be in the beginning. Yet by the time I find out, it's too late; the strong feelings are already there :( I've dated a good amount of guys who you would think would be dream guys and at the end of the day, they made me feel better off without them.

So with all that said, I'm thinking of chopping my hair off :) It will repel all of the superficial, shallow jerks. I won't have to worry about them wasting my time with their unsatisfying existences. Not only that, but I feel that it's a true test of confidence and security for a woman. Lucky for me, my hair is naturally spirally curly so I could come up with some interesting, edgy looks.

What is your opinion on this topic? Do you think I should do it?
GUYS ANSWERING THIS QUESTION: please don't caught up in the unpleasant description of how MOST GUYS are. I didn't say that every single man walking the Earth is like that and I don't need a bunch of guys rushing here to defend men, when the truth is that most men are frustrating and disappointing. Even if YOU are not, most of them are. I understand that there are good guys out there, but a majority of them haven't reached that level yet. Until they do, they are disappointing and frustrating.
That is a multifaceted conclusion. It is not only coming from my personal experiences, but the experiences I watch happen with women everywhere. Even the own treatment my male cousins have given girls! So don't try to say "You just have poor judgment." becuase even if that was true, the reality is that most men out there carry the behavior I've described.


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  • Honestly, you're the kind of person I would hang about with. You want to be the best. You want to date the best. You dislike immaturity and disrespect. Rightly so, why should anyone have to date someone who has a sub-par personality? I understand your concerns, but trying to make yourself less attractive on a physical level isn't going to remedy your problem. Due to the lack of specific examples in your question, I can't tell you exactly what you're doing wrong. And yes, it is you, because I've had no problem finding quality girls - you shouldn't either. Can you elaborate on said "pain and drama" ?

    • I've found quality guys but they end up being really disappointing.

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  • Yes- drastic measures in extreme frustration are always the best way to go.

    Try eating a ton and getting really fat and play video games everyday too. Man, it would sure take a secure woman to do that too. That'll repel those jerks as well.


    Build up some confidence, learn to be cautious with your feelings. Learn what a real "dream guy" is. Cause after your 4th dream guy so far... are you sure you got your criteria right?

    Remember, you can say NO to men. Just cause they are attracted to you doesn't me you have to be all "nice" and say OK if they want you.

    If you're looking for my real motive- here it is, I like long hair, and I don't think I'm a shallow, superficial jerk. So it'd be a shame to lose that :P

    After you've calmed down, or thought through it, if you genuinely think hey, I'd look awesome with short hair, do it. But not because some jerk was shallow to you. That would mean they won! :(

    Make sure you win by being awesome instead of losing and doing something cause of some dude.

    If you still think I'm really shallow, ignore everything here. If you don't, then don't think all men are shallow, superficial, etc. That kind of blanket stereotype makes it hard for that Actual good guy to show up without being assumed to be an a******.

    • Omg, can you guys answering these question please stop getting so emotional and getting caught up in the unpleasant description of how MOST GUYS ARE!? I didn't say that every single man walking the Earth is like that and I don't need a bunch of guys rushing here to defend men, when the truth is that most men are frustrating and disappointing. Even if YOU are not, most of them are. Other than that...

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    • As annoying as this is for you- remember this, we guys? We often go on about how many shallow, self absorbed girls there are.

      Which girl is that "exception" is jussssttt about as hard as finding that one guy who is that "exception."

      Believe me- I know what it's like to have had someone really really shallow in my life. And if you got me started- I could talk for days about that "person" and how blind I was to it. But I'd rather move on.

      You're right, you did say most guys, not all. My mistake.

    • I think it's really about the fact that the society of this era is producing sh*tty, unsatisfying people.

  • Who do you want to impress?

    Impress yourself by stopping to be a fool.

    • lol, I don't want to impress anyone. Not only are most guys not even worth impressing, but I'm beyond such fragile confidence :) this answer sucks by the way lol, you really shouldn't assume things about a total stranger

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    • I'm not sensitive, I'm purposefully trying to get you mad.

      You're still a fool and you deserve all of your suffering.

    • Lmao, I'm not a fool and you're not getting me mad. I feel really bad for people like you who have nothing more satisfying to do with their lives other then trying to get a rise out of people on the internet. That's so pathetic lol Someone like that will die unsatisfied and probably never find someone who can love them for what they are. Seems to me, that you should care more about that than caring about getting a rise out of someone who couldn't care less about you :)

  • I think you should do whatever you please. I don't know if your reasons for doing it are correct , and if it would help , but hey , it's a free world and change now and then is fun :D

  • I see a logical flaw here, don't know if I should mention it. A nice window into the human mind.

    • and what logical flaw is that?

    • Maybe not a logical flaw but certainly worth thinking about. If most men have to pretend to be someone they are not just to get a date and the personality they are isn't dateable, then that says a lot about most women as well. I call it the fairy tail dream and the consequence of living in a profoundly sick society. Thank you for showing me this side of humanity and the interconnection between many aspects of our lives.

    • oh wow, that's an interesting perception. thanks for sharing it :) I don't think that men should be fake, I think they should work through any ugly, undesirable personality traits so that they are polished and smooth, instead of jagged and hurtful to the touch. I honestly think when men and women present certain personality traits, that's what makes them undatable.

  • Butch

    • lol, I can see where you get that from

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    • Oh, well sorry, but I don't do internet friends.

    • Sorry to hear that

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  • If you cut your hair short and it's curly, I think you will look like a poodle. I also think you're very immature.

    • lol

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    • you said yourself you have spiral curls. They are usually on the dryer side, as is all curly hair, and therefore prone to frizz. I may not be the spokesperson for curly hair, but evidently 2 other people agree with me.

    • oh please lol I'm willing to bet you got only got a thumbs up from "pretty brown" and moloz. You have said nothing of value or importance. They're the only ones I can see with any reason to give you a thumbs up unless it was someone from your friend's list

  • So you're gunna ugly yourself up because you were hurt by a guy? omg don't do that that is giving him and guys way too much power. you shouldn't tailor your looks for a guy whether its trying too hard to impress them or not at all

  • I think it's a good idea. Better yet, shave your head. That way, guys will only be interested in your personality. I feel you though.

    • Lol, some women actually do that. I was watching a documentary about how virgins as young as age 1 month in Africa are raped because of the myth that sleeping with a virgin will cure HIV/AIDS. Now of course, that only spreads the epidemic. Girls as young as four are raped and end up with HIV. They shave their heads as a way to not attract men and because they can't afford the maintenence required. So guys who like them won't like them for shallow reasons...I thought that was interesting...

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    • Well having short hair definitely doesn't make you ugly. But I get what she's saying

    • I get the general point of what she's saying it as well, but the way she expresses her opinion is what I don't like.

  • I know just how you feel about meeting the men that seem like the perfect prince charming then you fall for them and then they turn into total douche bags. I have been there, done that and am still in one of those relationships with a total loser who bragged about being cool in the beginning... anyways no one is perfect and you need to learn to compromise to get through in life. good luck

    • It's not about being perfect, it's about being a decent, beautiful being who contributes postive, healthy things to this world and to people you claim to love. I'm not asking for perfection. I don't want perfection because perfection is boring and predictable. Not being perfect is no exscuse for someone to be, as you say, a "total douche bag"

    • By the way, I hate the term "douche bag". It makes females look nasty and stupid when they say it. A douche bag is something used to clean out the vagina. So when you call someone a douche, you're basically saying "You're the nasty, disgusting, fility stuff that comes out of a vagina...even though I'm a female and that nasty, filthy stuff is in my vagina especially if I'm sexually active!" it's a little degrading, don't you think?

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