This guy called me skinny ! It made me mad

Ok so all my life till the age of 16 I've been really fat .

Finally I lost a lot of weight and became thin around 17-18. More

Recently I've started lifting weights to get a good physique

I've been going to the gym for about a year or so .

Ok There's this one guy at work who's a bit chubby

and is very obsessed with his body . He called me skinny

and said "you should eat properly , you're too thin , it's ok

For girls to be skinny but a guy should be more bulky " this really has pissed me off : firstly because I've tried hard so hard to add on muscle weight and secondly who the hell is he to give me advice

On my body ! Am I overreacting ?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Ignore him. His response was not worthy of a comeback. Just continue what you are doing, for u. I'm sure everyone would have an opinion on other people's bodies if asked, so the point is to form your own opinion on your body. Do you like it? If so, great. If not, well, work on you are. That's all that matters...


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What Girls Said 2

  • He's a f***in hater because he's still chubby and probably has tried to get smaller, but then gave up. No your not over reacting, If he called me skinny I'd be like "Wow Thanks man this is the look I've been trying to get. All my girl friends keep calling me sexy now too. Do you want to know what I did it could help you out?" Lol

  • I can see how it would offend you being a guy. I've never been called skinny in my life and I'd be happy to hear it but no I don't think you're overreacting but just let it go who cares what he thinks.


What Guys Said 2

  • Welcome to the world of being a skinny or thin male :) Sadly, you'll just have to learn to live with it, it's not worth the energy getting yourself worked up over. Obnoxious comments from people who over-estimate the value of their opinion is part and parcel of interacting with the world. The other alternative is becoming a hermit, which given the stupidity of our fellow human is sometimes tempting, but probably not worth it ultimately!

    But yes, it is perverse, because you've actually made some effort to stay in shape, and crucially to stay healthy, while it has become the norm to let yourself go. Hence society's perception of what is normal has been distorted.

    Dish it back in a witty, calm and carefree manner if you like. Being on the receiving end should shut the tubby gobsh*te up! Or just ignore him. Whatever works for you.

  • Look, if you like yourself the way you are, then don't give a crap for his meaningless opinion.


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