Joico moisture recovery or Biolage conditioning balm and hydrating shampoo?

I have longggg blondeish brown hair which gets oily after a day. It gets really tangled at the ends and it dry and have split ends. Which one would you recommend? If neither, and you have a really strong opinion against it, what then? Thanks:) <3
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  • get a serious trim. nothing is going to heal damaged hair. if you want long healthy hair you need regular trims, there's no way around it.

    • I do. I just got four inches cut off and the day after, it's still the same.

    • if there are still split ends after having 4" cut off then there was more serious damage. no hair therapy will rebind split hair follicles.

    • I know that. But I need something that will help.

  • I've never used biologe but Joico is amazing! The moisture recovery conditioner is so intensely hydrating, it will feel like you have brand new hair. And my hair is kinky, thick and very coarse it's hard to get moisture usually, but it felt soft like a baby's butt after using it


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