How do Latino guys (especially Mexicans) feel about white girls?

I was just wondering how Latino (especially Mexicans) feel about white girls. Keep in mind I'm talking about girls who make an effort and really want to learn their language (in this case espaƱol) . What is the general feeling towards these type of people. Like do we annoy or amuse you (I'm aware that anyone learning a new language is by them self a tad bit amusing.)? How do you feel about curvy (not fat) white girls?


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  • Research the culture. Latino guys have an extremely high rate of domestic violence and cheating on their wives and girlfriends. They don't treat their women well -- White or Latina. I was in their culture for 15 years and know what I am talking about. I am also totally fluent in Spanish. You can learn Spanish so many ways. Skip the Latin Lover. They're not that great in bed either. A great lover is one who isn't violent, controlling or selfish. Most Latin guys are taught to be all those things from birth. And, yes, they love curvy white girls. They also think we're stupid and naive (and we are compared to the Mexican gals who know what to expect from them and aren't so easily hurt or surprised by their abusive behavior and cheating). Good luck with your Spanish. BTW, I don't know why my profile says I'm a guy. I'm a girl.

    • wow that just scared me :( I mean, I knew that latinos get jealous easily, but I always thought they treat girls well. of course they're likely to be players, but yea..violence? for real now? :(

    • actually white guys have the highest rate of domestic violence and child molestation.

      Most white men here in TX abuse their wives hints why many white women here are dating latino and black guys

    • Wow are you serious white people are abusive to wives far more than mexicans

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  • They think of them as shallow and money hungry and lacking in family solidarity, all of which are of course true! But they think they are sexually available...also generally they chase after them quite a bit. But believe me they don't have any respect for them in general.

  • mexicans?! there are so

    many more better latinos

    out there. not puerto ricans

    either... they suck

    pretty much all latinos like

    a "curvy" white girl

  • I hate white girls! Haha jk I think it's nice if you want to learn about is go ahead!


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