How painful is getting a shin tattoo?

how bad does it hurt to get your shin tattood? I have a lot of tattoos already. both feet, calf, side piece, 3/4 sleeve and my back. I want to get one on my shin next but I want to be prepared for what I am getting into.

i know tattoos aren't for everyone but they are for me!


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  • I do not have any tattoos, but one of my best friends is a tattoo artist. He has the majority of his body done and has said numerous times, the places that have little padding between the skin and bone are the most painful. He has mentioned the top of his foot, elbow, spine and rib cage. I don't recall the shins, but would assume those would be included.


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  • haahahahhahahahahaha! you are so cute! I have never had a tattoo before and when I went to get my first tattoo every single oerson I asked said it wasn't going to hurt but I was so stuck in its going to be the most painful thing in the world I'm going to die and omg. when I sat down to get it the sound ofe needle and the shop everything had me ready to run out crying I actually got a tattoo in my wrist my wrist is small and it was at the top where the bone is it hurt a little it it feels like little pinches then your arm goes numb and sometimes its tickles it actually starts to feel kinda good and when you are done your like whoa such a rush I would get my whole body tatted if I was stupid and thouht that would be cute ahahahah! DDDDDDOOOOO IIIITTTTTT!


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