Why do so many curvy girls make mean comments about girls with slim figures?

I mean girls with boyish figures, meaning not all the hips action and booty, boobs, etc. Kind of like standard model figure, but not as skinny, in my case. I'm also kind of petite.

anyway, what's the deal? if you call curvy girls fat or whatever, hell boils over and you never hear the end of it. which is fine, I understand that they sometimes struggle with the views on beauty in the fashion industry and I guess that somehow affects them. whatever. I usually don't make negative comments about their body types unless pushed to the point where I'm annoyed and upset. however, they seem to always take the liberty to make comments about my body type. I'm not skinny, I'm just have a flatter and narrower shape than they do, but they will make comments about how I could be hotter if I gained weight. one girl told me that I could probably look like her if I gained 30 lbs. lol I'm like, um no thanks. we all have different body types. I'm not curvy. if I that much gain weight, its not going to distribute on my body the way it would on hers. if I'm out with a guy they think is hot and they like him I guess, they make comments about my body around me. even when I'm not around a guy they like. we could be talking about guys and they will make comments like "no offense, but I don't like that men like women with no curves. what's sexy about that?" or they will decide that "men don't like girls who don't have shapely figures." I have a friend who makes little underhanded comments about my body all the time. she's very curvy. it could be something about how her cousin whos a freshman in high school has the same shape that I do, or how she's curvy because she "became a woman" (insinuating that I still havent). its little comments like that. strangers offer their comments sometimes too. some girl came up to my boyfriend at a club and asked him if he wanted to get with a "real woman" and started shaking her butt in front of him. we both started laughing but I almost killed her. seriously, are you crazy? I will cut you, bitch. lol girls stress me out, man.

what is going on here, people? if you're curvy and you think your body is more attractive, fine. you're entitled to feel that way. however, I really don't think its necessary to make comments about my body if you are really confident and happy with the way you look. I love my body. I wouldn't trade it in for a curvy one, like ever. not my taste. I don't feel I need to make comments about curvy girls. I get nothing from it. so that tells me that you must not be in the same place if you constantly feel the need to make negative comments.

What do you think?
Why do so many curvy girls make mean comments about girls with slim figures?
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