My boyfriend hates my piercings, what should I do ?

so I've been with my boyfriend for a year and 3 months I've had my wrist and hips pierced when I met him I now have my septum,smiley and lip pierced and all of a sudden he doesn't like them and is telling me too take them off because I get way more attention from guys and girls since I'm bisexual I don't know whether its jealousy or should I stop getting piercings something I love getting done :/ ? any advice will be appreciated I love him very much


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  • They are your piercings not his. In my books he has no right to tell you how you should look. He knew that you had piercings when he met you.

    He should accept you for who you are not what he wants you to be.

    How would he like it if you started telling him what clothes he can't wear, what ways he can and can't cut his hair etc.

    • follow her advice and you are looking at a break up

    • And why would that be? I think somebody should be themselves and not have to change. She shouldn't change for him and he shouldn't change for her. If he doesn't like it than maybe he should leave.

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  • be yourself .. if you really like getting pierced, then she should accept you the way you are :)

  • i didn't think you could get your hips or wrists pierced... do you like guys with lip rings?

    • yea there piercable and yea but I always date guys who are the oppisite of what I like

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  • So your boyfriend met you a certain way and now he wants you to change even tho you looked like that when he met? If you give into his demands then it'll be something else he'll find to complain about. be strong and let him know your not gonna stop doing what you love. don't sacrifice that for a guy, he can just deal with your piercings and stop trying to change u

  • my boyfriend wants me to stop doing stff I love doing.

    si who do you love more, yourself or your boyfriend. if I was you, id dump him, but its your call.

    all the whys & such, is just window dressing

    hes taking something you love, something he knew about u, when you met. trashing it. AND giving you orders.

    its pretty obvious to me, what the problem os, & its not your piercings.

    • what do you think it is ?

    • sory, I thought I had already said.

      well, imo, he's not respecting your choices, & demeaning something you value, as well as ordering you to do things.

      hes got control issues & seems rather self involved.

      the problem I see -whether you get more or not. is if you dont, ull feel belittled& like uve given up a part of yourself, if you get them, even if he grunts & accepts, hell always have a problem with _you_ & you'll know that.

      mainly, he's disrespectful. he knew who you were, now he's trying to change that.