Boyfriend shaved beard, I hate it?

My boyfriend doesn't have a very big beard. But it was just getting a little bushy and he goes and "accidentally" shaves it. The problem is that he doesn't look good without a beard. When we met he had some beard and that's all I'm used to. We made an agreement that he wouldn't shave his beard if I didn't get a piercing on my gentitals.

When I saw his lack of beard I started crying, I know that sounds horrible but I was disappointed and shocked to see it. What should I do? I don't want him to shave his beard again.

For anyone who says this is superficial: Get a grip. He wouldn't like it if I shaved my head, or my eyebrows, or plucked all my eyelashes out. I think couples should be able to keep certain aspects of their appearance the way their partner likes, to a certain degree.
Boyfriend shaved beard, I hate it?
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