Why do guys like Maxim, or any other magazine like it?

It bothers me when he buys Maxim. The girls are so hot, and I get so insecure

He knows it bothers me because I get quiet, but he's explained that he likes the articles, and stories in it.

He bought one again yesterday and reasoned that he only bought it because it reminded him of me. - I model sometimes, and in my last shoot I was asked to pose "maxim"-like. It doesn't make sense. I think it's bullshit, but he insists. I looked inside and all these hotass women in tiny bikinis. I felt sick. He says its only for the articles and stories, but then why would he make that lame excuse about me for this last one he bought?

I know it's lame of me to feel this way, but I can't help it.

Why do guys like that magazine anyway? Do they picture having sex with the girls, or wish he was dating her instead?

Am I being too insecure about this? Or is it normal? How could I change how I feel?

Sorry for all the extra questions.


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  • I once read an issue of Maxim Magazine that contained a pictorial spread of Carmen Electra, a very well-written and detailed review of a Mustang GT, a guide on how to make emergency band-aid repairs to your car when in need, a complete how-to guide on how to make explosives from common household items, and a comparison of the four major rental car companies to see which ones are actually the best as far as customer service, hidden costs, and other things are concerned.

    All in one single issue.

    Explain to me why I SHOULDN'T be reading Maxim?


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  • Listen to me, well read my explanation. He is with YOU. He spends his time with YOU. He loves YOU. If he wasn't with YOU. YOU really think he would be with one of those other girls? Think he could attract one of them other girls? Think they would want him? It's just a fantasy to a lot of guys to see these women. They wouldn't look twice his way. HE accepts YOU for who YOU are. YOU have nothing to be worried over. You're not insecure, your worried and concerned over a fantasy, PERIOD! Fantasy's are just that, fantasy's.

    • I know, and that is what bothers me. I feel like he is settling with me because I love him. But if he were to have a chance with any other really hot girl, then he would. When he looks at these girls, I feel like he secretly wishes he could have them instead.

      I love him, and am investing so much of myself into this relationship... it just scares me to think that all this work I'm doing is for nothing. And that he would leave me the first chance he gets with a hotter girl.

      I've never commited b

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    • When your in love, it's not supposed to make you feel insecure, nor feel like your not worth it. I am not saying anything bad agaist your guy, but he needs to recognize the fact that these magazines do in deed bother you. I suggest as a man, he talks it over with you. I know women feel like they don't measure up, while seeing these women. Yeah it's a fantasy. Do you really see ladies walking around who are all done up like that from the magazines? No, there just themselves. Beautiful !

    • Don't forget to remember this. You have self worth, you are beautiful in your own way, your giving one of life's most precious gifts and that is love. I know this guy loves you with all of his heart , your more then those women in a magazine are! He did not settle for you, nor did you settle for him. Have a talk with your guy. Tell him how you feel. Settle that argument, let him know how it hurts you. But don't EVER, EVER think twice about your love and respect for him, bring that up as well.

  • Let me counter with this. Why did you do a Maxim style photoshoot?

    • What?

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    • Oh right. I said I was asked to, but never did it.

    • Either way you still do glamour photography. So there will be girls that want to show themselves off and plenty of guys willing to look. Why go to a bar when you can go to a titty bar?

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  • Pssst...I just got a maxim delivered to our house in my boyfriend's name. You know what I plan to do? Withhold sex. Yup. I plan on prancing around the house in a sports bra and spandex pants. I'm a sexy little girl, not going to lie. I go to the gym, eat right, always make sure I look cute for him and he STILL wants to bring a magazine with half naked ladies into this house? Sigh..."Sorry honey...I'm just not feeling like I'm measuring up tonight. Feeling a little insecure about my body in comparison to those girls on the cover of that magazine you got today...yawn. Goodnight."

  • the same reason girls use to read those magazine filled with disney whores stickers and posters No lol I'm kidding but they do have hot girls on the front but they have articles about things that men like , like the new madden game and cars movies it like seventeen for guys seriously don't be alarmed he is a guy.

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