Attractive but not approachable?

Hopefully this doesn't come out the wrong way. I was never one of those popular or attractive girls in high school because I'm quite petite, dressed plainly and didn't make an effort to stand out. Quite honestly, popularity didn't mean anything to me back then, but once I entered college, my views changed.

Life for the popular and attractive always seemed easier, so I decided to change my image. I finally started using make up and kept fit to show a healthier body and image. In a few months time, I started to notice the difference. People began to compliment my looks, and it also brought me more popularity. Many guys tell my friends that I'm attractive, and of course as a girl, these are good things to hear.

But that's where the problem lies. Guys think I'm attractive, but not approachable. I'm not sure why I give off this feeling? I admit I'm a bit shy too, and unless I'm comfortable enough to start up a conversation, I generally wait until the other party does. But I always try to smile and be polite, so what am I doing wrong? I find that most guys would rather initiate a conversation with friends that some have claimed as not so attractive (though I know this topic is very subjective) or the girls that love showing cleavage. Sometimes I try approaching them first to break that barrier, but when they don't respond after a few days, I start to worry that perhaps I was too assertive and desperate to have initiated a conversation. Does anyone have suggestions?
Attractive but not approachable?
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