Do good looking people tend to have lots of friends?

i think good looking people have more freinds because there people give them good treatment there for there have more confidence becasue people more likely to make friends with them are are social and confidence with girls and guys feel no pressure they never get turned down .but they have down they very shallow and judge they who is good enough to be there friend since they have so much choice .i find good looking people always very good looking friends and good looking are very very popular. I also find my self good looking people can be judgmental and very mean to less worthy and less attractive people more are morel or less get rejected tod go away being told they don't them pick of there faults and get rid of them as soon as possible they go off with popular good looking freinds

from my own experience .

i know people tell unattractive make friends too but not as much and if girl will have no guys friends none bother.when you certain age you have less and less friends;.i wish good have blessed me with good looks so I have more friends since I have zero since childhood only bullies

its not fair so not fair they can be right a**holes at the back of it they can still more friends being prick to some one who has much much less .


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  • yeah, I also think that attractive people tend to have more friends because they are usually more confident. Confidence leads them to being outgoing, and that helps them find friendship easier. Although there are a lot of attractive people who's confidence is pretty bad, and people who are not as attractive but have a lot of friends. I think it all goes back to confidence. View yourself a way, and people will see you for that.

    • good looking have more freinds any good or bad confidence

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    • it's about confidence, not being good looking. There are a lot of good looking people who don't have many friends.

    • well I have never came across who was not full of themselves ans snobby and shallow

  • Yup, it's true. Attractive people have more friends.

    • i guess the only reason why they so many freinds is because there good looks not much eles and no would bother with them other wise the would normal average person lucky to have 2 or 3 friends not team load of friends .but I find my self good looking can most callous and cruel to people not so good looking and no popular as being not worth knowing because popular and good looking like themselves there must some thing wrong with person because there not popular and good looking like them !?

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