Do girls not "like" the good guys because they would be too afraid of losing them?

Just wondering... Girls always tell me that I'm a great guy, very sweet, and not to ever change or turn bad... I'm 19 years old, still very young. So I think a serious relationship, like for real, is out of the question for right now.

I'm a very emotional, sensitive guy, very respectful of women and would never do anything to hurt her. I'm not a guy to ever cheat. I'm always told I'm a good looking guy, but the ladies don't come easy for me. I have a few pretty girls that are friends, but I can tell none are interested in me. They all go for the really well built guys or ones that are popular, or "bad boys..." I can tell girls just aren't interested in the type of guy I am right now.

I mean I don't think its a matter of confidence or shyness really... I'm kinda shy, but I get to know a lot of people and many have been pretty girls and I don't really get nervous unless I like a girl, but I overcome it.

I know that I'd make a great long-term life partner, and is that like something girls can "sense" from me? Like are they a little frightened when I show them interest or say that I'm "too good to be true," because they're not ready for such a relationship? They'd be afraid of losing me because if they got to know me, they'd really like me?

I've never been a teenager with "teen issues" I don't smoke or nothing... I'm underage so I stay away from alcohol. I'm focused on being successful and I don't want to get involved in something that will in some way potentially prevent me from being successful.

But the ladies just aren't very interested in a guy like me. Younger girls tend to be, and I hear very nice complements from women typically around 25 and older, that I'm very attractive, cute, handsome, etc. But my age, the girls aren't interested. I know I'm mature for my age, but just because I'm interested doesn't mean I'm looking for marriage... geez.

I've never had a GF, and I want some experience, but I want a girl I can enjoy being around too, I don't want to just date any girl, like I want to enjoy it too.

Any tips, thoughts or ideas? A lot of people say, "just wait... she'll come," but like seriously, will THAT even happen? Like what are the odds of a girl approaching me? And how am I supposed to know she's the right one?

Anyways... lol Thanks!
Do girls not "like" the good guys because they would be too afraid of losing them?
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