How to get Jesse McCartney's old hair style?

My hair grows out straight, like Jesse McCartney's.

I'm growing it out right now.

Do I just keep growing it or is there a certain hair cut I have to get?

Here's an example:



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  • his hair looks razor cut, but the main reason his hair looks like that is that it has some pretty dramatic highlights put in it. take that photograph to your stylist/barber and ask them what should be done to achieve that look. if you're gonna go all the way and get the highlights done, I suggest finding a real colorist to do that job because sometimes stylists who aren't really experienced with dyes and coloring will botch it pretty badly.


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  • Take a picture of it to your hair salon. Tell them that is what you want and if they can do it.

  • Go to a consultation at a hair salon. You still need long hair to get your hair looking exactly like his so if it's not there yet grow it out.


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