How can I make my hair look like Ian Somerhalder's messy hair?

I have medium length, layered thick and slightly wavy hair, and I've been trying to achieve this hairstyle for a while now. I normally straighten my hair abit, and then add some wax, but my hair falls flat and loses the style after an hour. Any tips on how to achieve it? Maybe what type of products i should use? A specific way I should style it? Thanks for the help guys! :)


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  • Straightening your hair weighs it down. You don't want that. When your hair is wet apply some volumizing mouse to is. Then get a hairdryer and dry your hair whilst scruffing it from side to side with your hand. Once dry get some texturising gum, add it to your tips and scruff it through your hair. Voila. For second day hair, spray some sea salt and thickening spray into your hair and blast the hairdryer. It will have the same effect. :)

    • the only real problem in achieving the style is the fact that his hair is super thin and mine is quite thick, so its not like i need the extra volume, my hair poofs up by itself, my ex girlfriend tried helping me but didn't work exactly.. i will give it a try though :)

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    • Okay, thanks a lot :)

    • Did it work?:)

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  • Don't straighten your hair man dudes would kill for that wavyness. When you wake up just add a pomade paste, something affordable is the axe messy look, and rub it in. 1 min bam you're good to go

    • I've been thinking about trying out the axe messy look paste, and the reason i straighten it is so it falls down abit cause my hair is thick and puffs up, but regardless i will try that thanks for the help

    • There's a guy named Ollie Loudon who has a cool hairstyle that might be what you are aiming for

    • not exactly, but i like it, something i may try in the future

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