Why was he so fidgety around me?

we're at crew practice and (he knows I like him) and he stares at me(he stares at me a lot) from the distance then when I look up at him he turns around. then later on , we were sitting down and he sits next to me, when we listen to the coach I noticed out of the corner out of my eye he was staring at me, then he started shaking his leg (sorta like tapping it) then he crossed his legs he was being so fidgety and wouldn't stop moving, (he was in shorts too) then I turn to look at my shoes, and then I notice again he's staring at me, (were both facing each other) then he starts being more fidgety, then I get back up and he quickly turns his head away, then while we listen to the coach, he just kept crossing his legs, and more fidgeting by me, then when we have another person with us he stops fidgeting. so why does he do this?

Yeah when I went down to my shoes my head was by his crotch too. but I just don't understand why he would move around so much like that,


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  • He likes you. No doubt.

    lol, I like this girl at crew. but I am not the guy you described, haha


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  • hes interested in youuu flirt bac and see what he does

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