Why is he hovering around me like this?

So there's this guy, I haven't seen him in months and he suddenly came back, we're kinda sitting just opposite to others but I tried to avoide eye contact wif him( I don't know why) and we didn't interact much that time. Then when the lesson ended, he's kinda playing wif a wooden board wif wheels as a skateboard, he's hovering around me and one time he's staring right at me, no expression just awkwardness I stare ba k for like 2 sec and looked away, doing other things but he's still staring. Then he's so near me, when I turned around he's right behind me and I teased him about playing his ' skateboard' then I turned back again because he wasn't looking at me but some seconds after he murmured some words...

So them it's over and I bumped into him outside. He's chatting wif his frd and I kinda waved, but didn't say bye. He saw me, but he just nodded and smile. It's just awkward and I don't know what the hell is going on!


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  • He likes you.

    • Huh? Just dat? But he's not even talking to me when we're sitting so close! He's so weird!

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  • im not even continuing to read this because your spelling "with" like wif. and its annoying me


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  • If he's shy and he likes you then that could explain the awkwardness.

    • But he's the most outgoing and funny guy wif everybody else!

    • If he likes you it can make him feel insecure and shy around you, even if he is very outgoing with other people.