Why don't more men wear nail polish?

I came across and article from a particular writer (Darren Garnick) who tried a fish pedicure (where little fish bite off the dead skin on your feet) and noticed how he finished it up with a nice yellow/orange polish on his toes. I thought it looked wonderful on him!

So then I got to wondering why more men don't do this. Most men's feet are gross! Considering more men are wearing sandals these days, a pedicure would really help make their feet look so much better, and a little color on their toes would be a nice touch too.

If I saw a guy wearing his toes polished, I would know that he's open-minded and confident enough to try something that not all men would. I would be intrigued by him and want to talk with him to find out what other interesting and different things he might be into.

So ladies and guys, what do you think? Is this something that more men should be open to considering?
Why don't more men wear nail polish?
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