I feel like my girlfriend is too good for me and I hate it

She has just about a 4.0 at the best school in the country, probably going to get into the best ivy league school. Is filthy rich, good looking, and gets lead roles in major plays and shows. Me? I'm a "has been" as in I have been the best at sports and that went nowhere, I was the man in high school and that went nowhere, I got in to a great school and that went nowhere, I got kicked out for bad grades, mom lost her job and we moved in to a small house and rented out our awesome house just to make ends meet. I have pretty good grades at a community college and can maybe get into somwhere good soon but it just makes me feel bad that she's so good at everything and me... nothing. I just feel like the only reason she likes me is because I've been told I'm good looking, I was cool in high school, and I'm older. Other than that I have nothing going for me and I just feel like this is a waste of time. I do show her a lot of love which is different because she knows that I used to be a "player" but other than that I'm sure she can find better.

pretty much not a question I just want to know what people think.


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  • Don't be so hard on yourself. You have to have enough confidence to know that you're a great catch just like she is. She may have more "things" than you but hose are just "things". It's what's on the inside and how you treat her that should matter. If you know that you're on the right path of getting things together for you then she will definitely notice. I would rather have someone who treats me right and shows me he loves me and makes okay money than to have an a$$hole who makes a lot of money.


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  • i mean I don't think relationships are supposed to be a competition...

    • yeah you're right, it just kinda makes me feel sucky that she is so perfect and I'm pretty bad

  • Well she's with you so she obviously likes you, try not to let it get you down! Maybe you can talk to her about it too? My boyfriend has told me he feels like I'm too good for him sometimes and it makes him feel better when I can reassure him that I'm with him because I love him and to not think like that


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