Confident guy avoids eye contact with me but looks at me discreetly. Why?

When I first spoke to this guy in question he seemed very confident, I didn't get any signs he found me attractive. However At one point I looked away from him and started to look around the room just to appreciate how it was decorated, when I could see from the corner of my eyes he was looking at me when he thought I was unaware. After that one convo we never spoke again but he did stare at me from afar once. now if we bump into each other he avoids eye contact, like he would look at me once because I was in his peripheral vision but would look away first. however I would see him looking at me from the corner of his eyes when he walks past me. and one time he was looking at me when he thought I didn't notice but wen I made him realize I noticed he looked away quickly. so guys what's his deal?

*central vision not peripheral vision. When I happen to be in his central vision I meant lol


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  • He seems to really be into you but be too shy about showing it. If the guy is looking at you from a distance then you are attractive to him or a freak :)

    Are you sure that he doesn't know that you caught him looking at you? Maybe he wants you to turn to him and smile? Maybe he is the shy one about making moves. Some people are great at looking confident but when push comes to shove they can't do it.

    • He only looked at me once from a distance other times he would walk past but wouldn't make eye contact but would look at me from the corner of his eyes. maybe to check to see whether I was looking at him for a boost of his ego... Do you think that also could be the case?

    • It is very possible...he could be like that

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